Wedding erotic lingerie map to solve women wearing women

Background introduction

Interest underwear is a costume that pays attention to personal charm.In the special day of weddings, the bride’s wedding and sexy underwear are particularly important.Because at this time, the bride needs to show her most charming side, not only to make guests at the wedding scene amazing, but also to be intoxicated by the groom.So what kind of wedding sexy lingerie is suitable for women?Next, let’s do a detailed inquiry.

Types of wedding underwear

There are different types of wedding and sexy underwear. They are mainly divided into four major categories: breasts, shoulder strap underwear, vest underwear and beam underwear.There are many different types of design below each classification.Here, we analyze them one by one.

Chest -wrapped underwear

Breast -wrapped underwear is a kind of tight -fitting top. The upper and lower parts of it have good support capabilities, so it can significantly enhance the chest shape and shape the perfect body ratio of women.At the wedding, for a bride with not full breasts, wrapped chest underwear is a good choice.

Shoulder strap underwear

The shoulder strap underwear is one of the typical representatives of wedding underwear. Generally, the chest pad design is used to improve the chest shape, and the fixing of the shoulder strap can effectively shape the beautiful shoulder line.Similarly, the shoulder strap underwear can make the bride’s top more fit and increase the texture.

Vest underwear

The vest underwear generally extends the back and waist part of the bra, covering the entire back, which can effectively help the bride create a beautiful backline and modify the waist.At the same time, because the vest underwear does not contain shoulder straps, the bride will look more confident when wearing a wedding dress.

Beam underwear

Beneper underwear is a special customized underwear that can close to the waist, hips, and legs, suitable for the bride with fat figure.The role of beam underwear is to shape a good body ratio while tightening the part, and prevent the waist and hip parts too expanding due to excessive tension on the wedding day.


When choosing a wedding lingerie, pay attention to comfort.Because on the day of the wedding, the bride needs to wear all day. Only when we wear comfortable can they feel comfortable and enjoy every happiness moment.

Color selection

Wedding sexy underwear is generally white or skin color, so that wearing it under the body will not affect the color of the wedding dress, but also in line with traditional wedding colors.Of course, if you want to try the brides with other colors, you can choose the suitable wedding underwear style.


The material of wedding sexy underwear is generally comfortable, breathable, and close -fitting fabrics. Common ones are silk, cotton fabrics, and elastic grids.It is necessary to remind you not to choose the underwear that is too heavy or leather.Because the temperature of the wedding scene is relatively high, wearing too heavy underwear can make the bride feel sultry.


The details of the wedding sexy underwear determine the beauty of the entire underwear.Irregular lace lace and high -quality satin can also be considered the details of the details to increase the beauty of the underwear.

Choose a brand

The choice of brand is also one of the important factors affecting wedding sexy underwear.For brides, you should choose some underwear brands with good quality and reputation to choose from, such as Victoria Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, etc.


Wedding erotic underwear is part of the most important temperament and body shaping on the day of the bride’s wedding. You must buy the underwear style that suits you, and carefully consider the details before buying.Essence

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