Wen Jing Qingyou Underwear Photo

Wen Jing Qingyou Underwear Photo


Interest underwear creates a mysterious and fascinating beauty, especially those soft and artistic and literary and quiet lingerie photos, which are even more fascinating.

Literary and fresh

Little literary and fresh has become the most popular aesthetic style. When this atmosphere penetrates into sexy underwear, it naturally presents the characteristics of softness, implicit and sexy.


Lace lace is one of the signs of Wenjing and love underwear, and its appearance perfectly integrates Wen Jing and sexy.The processing and design of the details make the whole messy underwear more charming.

Pink and nude color

Pink and nude colors are classic color schemes of Wen Jing and Inflowing Underwear.Pink represents the sweetness of sweetness and women, while nude color is full of elegance and sexy atmosphere. The combination of two colors has achieved elegant and charming sexy underwear.

Deep V neck design

Deep V -neck design can show the charming curve of women, and can highlight the sexy charm of the chest. The texture and love underwear with this design is even more inconsistent.

High waist pants design

The design of high -waisted pants is the love of many women. It can modify the waist lines and make the legs more slender without losing the literary taste, making women wearing quiet and interesting underwear more confident and charming.

Ultra -thin transparent design

Ultra -thin and transparent design is another feature of Wen Jing and Erotic underwear. It can show women’s skin to the fullest without exposure.Both literature and sexy are intoxicated.

Lace shoulder strap design

The design of the lace shoulder strap is a distinctive design in Wen Jing’s affection.It can visually extend the torso ratio, enhance the three -dimensional sense of the upper body, and at the same time embellish the beauty of literature and art.

Shoulderless design

Shoulderless design is a trendy design of Wen Jing and Erotic underwear. At the same time, it also has a trace of retro flavor.The shoulder -free design can not only highlight women’s neck lines, but also enhance women’s temperament.


Through the design, details, and material use, Wen Jing and Inflowing Underwear fully combine the beauty of literature and sexy, becoming one of the most striking type of erotic underwear.Wearing such a sexy underwear will be more confident and charming, allowing people to experience different sexy charm.

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