Western bride erotic shirt

Introduction: Interesting underwear phenomenon in Western wedding culture

The phenomenon of erotic underwear in Western wedding culture has gradually attracted much attention in recent years, especially in the wedding preparation of the brides.Interest underwear is no longer just a sexy clothing, and it has become a kind of embellishment and seasoning on the private occasion of the bride and the groom on the wedding day.In this article, we will introduce the types of Western bride’s sexy underwear and how to choose and match.

Style 1: Pure white color sexy underwear

As the protagonist of the wedding, of course, the bride has to put on a pure white sexy underwear to emphasize her purity and the sacred marriage.Pure white sexy underwear generally has the characteristics of lace, perspective, satin to enhance its sexy and elegant temperament.

Style two: blue sex lingerie

In addition to the traditional pure white color sexy underwear, blue sex underwear has gradually become popular, becoming the first choice for some brides.The blue sex lingerie symbolizes loyalty and firm love, and it is more suitable for the brides who want to show love in different ways.

Style 3: Black color sex lingerie

Black color sex lingerie is a relatively dark sexy clothing, which generally highlights the body lines and color contrast.However, if the bride chooses a black sex underwear, be careful not to be too strong, so as not to lose the sense of ritual of the wedding.

Style 4: Meat Erotic Underwear

Meat pornographic lingerie is a relatively transparent clothing, usually with lace and detail decoration to increase temperament and sexy.The bride who choose meat and erotic underwear needs to pay attention. Do not let their wedding underwear wear too much fire, and try to match the skin color as much as possible to avoid too much color difference.

Style 5: Sexy pajamas

The robe is a relatively relaxed and soft sexy underwear. It can increase their temperament and elegance on the bride.The color and material of the robe need to be coordinated with the theme of the wedding and other erotic underwear.

Style 6: Bouncing skirt -style sexy underwear

The bouquet -type sexy underwear is suitable for those brides with thin hips, which can enhance the sexy, elegant and noble feeling while highlighting the curve while highlighting the curve.Bouquet -type sexy underwear is generally matched with very transparent fabrics to increase its sexy.

Style 7: lace decorative sexy underwear

As a traditional sexy underwear, lace decorative sexy underwear is still very popular in the wedding.Lace decorative sexy underwear generally has very complex and exquisite lace design and noble fabrics to enhance the bride’s temperament and elegance.

Style eight: personal sexy underwear

Perfect -type erotic underwear usually uses a very close design to reveal the bride’s body curve.This kind of sexy underwear usually uses neutral colors such as black, white or red, which is convenient for other clothing and wedding themes.

How to choose sexy underwear?

When choosing and matching sex underwear, the bride needs to consider the theme of wedding, venue, their own figures and temperament, and coordination with the groom or wedding owner.Generally speaking, the bride can add a small amount of decoration to the sexy underwear, such as necklaces, earrings, headwear, etc. to enhance temperament and elegance.

Summary: Interesting underwear is an indispensable cosmetics in the wedding

Sexy underwear plays an extremely important role in the wedding culture of Western brides.When choosing and matching sexy underwear, the bride needs to fully consider her body, temperament and wedding theme, so that the sexy lingerie can play the greatest effect.As one of the indispensable cosmetics in the wedding, sexy underwear should be paid enough attention and investment.

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