What are the harm of sexy underwear to men

What are the harm of sexy underwear to men?


The sexy underwear is derived from the sex culture of Europe and the United States. Although it has become a part of modern people’s lives, in some people’s opinion, it is not healthy, abnormal, and immoral, especially in the society where men are mostly.A lot of uncomfortable sounds.But no matter what kind of view, sex culture has become a fashion. In daily life, the figure of sexy underwear can be seen everywhere. What impact does its existence affect the physical and mental health of men?

Affects reproductive health

Interest underwear usually adopts a tight design. Such clothing will cause a certain binding oppression of men’s reproductive organs, which will affect the blood circulation of the reproductive system and cause poor blood circulation and affect reproductive function. ThereforeEssence

Influencing mental health

In modern society, sexy underwear is widely used in flirting and sex. Many men get pleasure by watching women wearing sexy underwear.However, it is not obsessed with this pleasure. Excessive relying on sexy underwear can make men highly rely on mental stimuli, which leads to mental problems such as mental fatigue and depression, and causes harm to men’s physical and mental health.

As a result, the testicular temperature is too high

Interesting underwear usually uses opaque materials, especially many men’s underwear wrapped in the testes. If you do not change a pair of underwear for a long time, it will not only cause humidity in private parts, but also cause the testicular temperature to rise, which will affect the testicular.Normal function will have a great impact on fertility and men’s health.

Impact action

Interesting underwear usually adopts tight and tempting design. When wearing, it will not only cause local skin discomfort, but also have certain restrictions on the motion force, such as: sitting, lying, and walking.Adverse effects.

Induced skin lesions

Interest underwear is usually based on non -breathable and irreplaceable materials such as cotton, silk, lace, etc. It is not replaced for a long time.The problem of skin lesions threatens health.

Affect sleep quality

Some men like to wear sexy underwear while sleeping, and they are unnaturally wearing their posture. With the stimulus of sexy underwear, it will make it difficult for men to fall asleep and seriously affect the quality of sleep. It will make men be in a state of tension while sleeping. It is easy to have nightmares.Poor spirit and also affect the work and study status of the next day.

Causes sexually transmission

Too many sexual life and the accumulation of reproductive organs are prone to produce bacterial reproduction. When the number of bacteria is large, it is easy to cause bacterial diseases. If men still wear sexy underwear in this case, it is like providing germs with provisionIn the hotbed, it is not conducive to men’s health.

Drive the rhythm of life

In some cases, men’s excessive obsessed with sexy underwear will affect the rhythm of life, interfere with their schedule, cause physical dysfunction, and cause harm to the body.Therefore, for the use of sexy underwear, men should maintain moderateness and not be overly obsessed, so as not to have bad health effects.

in conclusion

Interest underwear does have some harm to men’s physical and mental health, including affecting reproductive health, mental health, risk of increasing skin lesions, and so on.Therefore, men should protect their bodies when using sexy underwear, use moderately, rational matching, adhere to the principles of hygiene, avoid bringing unnecessary harm to themselves, and incorporate sexual culture into their lives.

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