What are the sexy underwear factories in Guanyun County

What are the sexy underwear factories in Guanyun County

1 Introduction

Guanyun County is a county under the salt city of Jiangsu Province, known as "Jiangnan Xiao Jinling".Guanyun County is located in central Jiangsu, with convenient transportation, rich natural resources, and rapid economic development. It is a region that integrates modern industry, tourism culture, and agriculture.In this vibrant place, the sexy underwear industry is also growing and growing.

2. Keyan Intellectual Underwear Factory

The Keyan sex underwear factory, located in the coastal development zone of Guanyun County, is a large -scale sexy underwear company integrating design, production and sales.The factory is committed to providing women with high -quality sexy underwear products and services, and has a high popularity and reputation in the market.

3. Ruimei Fun underwear factory

The Ruimei Infusion Underwear Factory is one of the old -fashioned sexy underwear manufacturers in Guanyun County. It has a professional design and production team. The products include all kinds of men and women’s sexy underwear, sex clothing, swimwear, etc.The factory’s product is high in quality and affordable price, and is loved by customers.

4. Xintiandi Sexy underwear factory

Xintian Di Fo underwear is a sexy underwear manufacturer located in Donghai Town, Guanyun County. It has strong technical strength and advanced production equipment.The factory mainly produces men’s and women’s sexy underwear, female bras, body -shaping underwear, etc., and has a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets.


Qianjiao Baimei Funny Underwear Factory is a professional female sexy underwear manufacturer, located in the West Industry District of Guanyun County.The factory has a variety of products and unique styles. It is suitable for women of different ages and figures. It is known as "the perfect combination of fun and sexy."

6. Ebbinhaus sex underwear factory

The Ebbinhaus Infusion Underwear Factory is a company that has been engaged in love underwear for many years, located in Chengdong Town, Guanyun County.The factory has advanced technology and complete production equipment. It mainly produces women’s sexy underwear and men’s sex lingerie. There are many types of products, which are favored by major consumers.

7. Beautiful enchanting and sexy underwear factory

Beautiful and enchanting sexy underwear factory is a company specializing in the production of women’s sex lingerie. It is located in Nanyang Industrial Zone, Guanyun County.The factory has exquisite craftsmanship, with smooth production lines, focusing on the style and quality of the product.The factory’s product style is unique and can meet the needs of different consumers.

8. Pride and Fun Underwear Factory

Pride and erotic underwear factory is a professional production of sexy underwear in the Guanyun County Development Zone.The plant is creative, pays attention to details, emphasizes charm, and the products produced are loved by women.It is also very detailed in its style, color, fabric.


Located in the Zhangzhuang Industrial Park, West Zhangzhuang Industrial Park, Guanyun County, it is a company specializing in the production of women’s sexy underwear.The factory has continued to introduce high -end equipment and advanced technologies to produce a series of excellent quality and unique sexy underwear.

10. Summary

There are many fun underwear factories in Guanyun County. From the aspects of brand, design, technology, price, etc., consumers can choose according to their own needs.As domestic consumers’ demand for sexy underwear gradually increases, it is believed that the sexy underwear factory in Guanyun County will continue to be new to meet market demand.

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