What do girls think of sexy underwear?

What do girls think of sexy underwear?

When girls get sexy underwear, what will their thoughts look like?For some girls, it may be a new thing, and for others, it may have become part of daily life.

1. Surprisingly gift

For some girls, sexy underwear may be an unexpected gift, which will surprise them.When they open the gift box, they may feel some shyness and excitement, but they will be grateful inside.This is also a sense of satisfaction for those who give gifts, because they can make them happy and surprised.

2. Improve self -confidence

Some girls like to wear sexy underwear because it will make them feel more confident.These underwear can provide them with additional support and shaping, making the figure look better, thereby improving their self -confidence.In bed, this self -confidence is particularly important and has an important impact on the experience of the whole personality.

3. More intense sex experience

Wearing a sexy underwear is part of the preparation for sex, which is one of the reasons why it is fascinating.For many couples, this is a way to add sex.Especially for those who have been in a stable relationship for a long time, sexy underwear can bring a novel experience and make sexual life richer and interesting.

4. Cause excites

There are several styles of sexy underwear, and some of them will cause men to excite.Some girls may feel the attention of boys when wearing sexy underwear, and they may be very satisfied because they are charm each other.For these girls, this is also a embodiment of self -confidence and satisfaction.

5. Play with imagination

For some girls, wearing erotic underwear is a way to play with imagination.This is a way to show the keen imagination in the heart, making them happier and relaxed in the situation.This is also what everyone should have, a kind of happiness and relaxation inner state.

6. Clarify your intention

The exposure and perspective effects in sexy underwear allow girls to express their intentions clearly.It may also imply the possibility of sex and convey their expectations and needs to the other party.This is a healthy factor in sexual life, and it is also important.

7. Provide freedom

For some girls, wearing sexy underwear is a way to provide freedom.They can feel free in underwear without being restrained.In bed, this freedom feels is very important. They can focus more on their own experience and make sexual experience richer and interesting.

8. Guidance experience

For some girls, sexy underwear can guide sexual experience.These underwear can provide additional touch and stimulation, which makes them more comfortable and relaxed in sex.Sexual experience may also become stronger.

9. Fashion sense

Sex underwear is also fashionable.Some girls choose to wear sexy underwear, not only for sexual experience, but also because of sexy underwear look cool and super -fashionable.This is a new fashion trend, and it is also a way to show self -personality.

10. General view

Sex underwear has different significance and influence on everyone, whether it is the excitement, confidence, novelty experience it brings or fashion.However, in sex, wearing sexy underwear should be a thing of both parties wishes, and it should also be mutually respectful and deeper communication.

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