What type of sexy underwear like Libra men like

What type of sexy underwear like Libra men:

1. Beautiful and luxurious

Libra men usually like Oriental aesthetics and elegant styles. They like to see the beautiful and luxurious sexy underwear worn by women.They especially like the production of silk, lace, and high -quality yarns, and gorgeous accessories are also essential.

2. Be careful

Libra men appreciate those creative sexy underwear, they can attract them through details and other careful thinking.For example, the three -dimensional flowers in details have creative tailoring.

3. Bright color

Color is a key factor in sexy underwear.Libra men like to match bright colors and rainbow colors, because this can bring them some fresh feelings.

4. European and American style

Libra men usually accept and appreciate the European and American style sexy underwear in the advanced era.They usually want to feel a modern, advanced and novel atmosphere.

5. Transparent material

Libra men usually like to see women wearing transparent sexy underwear, because this can make them imagine that they have the beauty and sexy of women.In addition, transparent materials can make women look back on their beautiful figure.

6. I like tight underwear

Libra men particularly like the design of dense underwear because it helps show the curve of women.They believe that such a design can have a strong visual impact on the body.

7. Promote minimalist style

Contrary to the gorgeous luxury mentioned earlier, in terms of sexy underwear, Libra men also like to see simple design.They want to see some simple and elegant designs, just like classic black or white underwear.

8. Red temptation

For Libra men, red represents passion and lust.Therefore, red -tone sexy underwear usually attracts their attention.

9. Underwear suit

Libra men like to see women wear complete underwear suits, including upper, lower clothes and socks.This can bring them imagination and future expectations.

10. Short body shaping jacket

Libra men usually like women to wear short bodywear, because this helps show women’s beauty.Such body -shaping underwear can outline women’s H -shaped figure, which can make women look more sexy and attractive.

in conclusion

In summary, Libra Men prefer to match beautiful and luxurious, careful, colorful, European and American style, transparent material, tight underwear, simple style, red temptation, underwear suit and short body clothes.They like to show their feelings with creative and design sense, and they like to express their feelings through color matching.When women wear these sexy underwear, they can have a strong visual impact and desire for them.

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