What kind of erotic underwear is free

What kind of erotic underwear is free

Interest underwear has always been a sexy representative of women, and free sex underwear not only has a sexy appearance, but also can comfortably fit the skin comfortably. It will not loosen and pull. Every woman wants to have it.So, what kind of erotic underwear is free?In this article, we will discuss different types of erotic lingerie to help women choose to avoid sexy lingerie.

Material determines comfort

In any case, the material is a key factor in comfort, and it is no exception for free sex underwear.It is best to choose a soft and elastic material, such as polyamide fiber, cotton and silk.These materials can fit the body comfortably to avoid unnecessary scores and discomforts, and make you move freely.

Style selection determines the success rate of prevention and escape

Different styles of sexy underwear have a huge impact on the success rate of anti -defense.Interests with a shoulder -free or shoulder strap will be easier to fall off, and sexy underwear with cross bands or more back buckles can provide more support and stability.Some brands of sexy underwear will not even fall off with severe exercise, which means that you can also wear it at will in other occasions.

Appropriate size is the key

Regardless of the style and the sexy underwear of the material, choosing the correct size is the key to ensuring the success of the anti -proof.Physical changes (such as weight gain or decrease) may affect the size. Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must buy the size as required and carefully choose to ensure a better anti -defense success rate.

Personal underwear is more popular

One of the most popular brands in the underwear market is SPANX.This brand of anti -slip functional innovation for underwear allows consumers to enjoy the effect of beautiful and not loose.One of the most popular is SPANX’s shaping underwear. The body is absolutely close, so that you can relax confidently when wearing.

Varic sexy underwear is a good choice

Compared with loose loose materials, a more suitable choice is a specially designed vest sexy underwear.Because it is more sealed and personal, it will prevent the situation of sexy underwear more, and it will also provide more additional support.

Gold ratio is more suitable

Many underwear brands have their own size tables, but they cannot be fully dependent.The golden ratio means the proportion of the chest control in the underwear cup. If the control is not good, the underwear will lose the anti -off effect.The golden ratio is basically 1: 2, so when buying underwear, choose the appropriate underwear cup according to your chest size.

Adjustable shoulder straps are the focus

In addition to the vest type, it is also a good choice to adjust the shoulder straps.The best shoulder straps can be easily adjusted to the right position.You can choose some shoulder straps with detachable and not easy to loosen.This is not only helpful for sexy, but also can use the same underwear on different occasions.

The bottoming shirt is also an effective way

In some cases, the bottoming shirt can also be an effective way to prevent removal.The bottoming shirt can make the sexy lingerie better, and at the same time, it can also add a protective layer to reduce the effect of friction and prevent the sexy underwear from slipping.However, it should be noted that you must choose a good quality bottoming shirt, otherwise not only will it not achieve the purpose of defense, but it may also cause damage to the skin.

in conclusion

While choosing to avoid sexual underwear, following the above principles and suggestions, personal experience and brand preferences are also important considerations.Although everyone’s preferences and body shapes are different, if you can buy appropriate free -free sex underwear at the right time, you can easily enjoy a carefree sexy atmosphere.

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