What does sex underwear trademark registration belong to

What is trademark registration

Trademarks are the identification that the enterprise is different from the difference between its products and services and other enterprises. Trademark registration refers to the exclusive right of applying for a trademark from the State Trademark Office and obtained the recognition of the country.

Necessity of trademark registration

The registration of trademarks is the primary means for enterprises to protect their own brand image and crack down on infringement.Only through trademark registration can enterprises obtain ownership of the trademark and legal protection.

Special characteristics of sexy underwear trademarks

Interesting underwear trademarks have its particularity, that is, it involves the field of adult supplies, which requires the restrictions and requirements of national laws and regulations. If it cannot contain obscene and vulgar content.

Category of trademark registration

Interesting underwear trademark registration belongs to the registered scope of "Class 25: clothing, shoes, hats".Enterprises need to submit the trademark application documents to the State Trademark Office and pay relevant fees.

The validity period of the trademark registration certificate

The validity period of the trademark registration certificate is 10 years. After the registration certificate takes effect, the trademark holder can use the trademark without restriction within the validity period.

Problems such as trademark use permits

In the process of trademark registration, trademark holders can grant trademark use licenses or transfer trademark rights for third parties, but they need to be recorded and approved by the State Trademark Office.

Trademark maintenance and protection

Trademark maintenance and protection is the fundamental guarantee for enterprises to protect their own brand image and maintain economic interests.Enterprises should strengthen supervision of their own trademarks to prevent malicious plagiarism and infringement.

Precautions for trademark use

The use of sexy underwear trademarks should meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, and cannot be vulgar and obscene content.Enterprises should strengthen publicity when using trademarks to increase brand awareness and image.


Interesting underwear trademark registration is an important means to protect the brand image of the enterprise and maintain economic interests. Enterprises should strengthen trademark supervision and maintenance to prevent malicious infringement and plagiarism.

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