What is Costto’s sexy underwear

What is Costo’s sexy underwear?

Kostar is a sexy sexy underwear, which means "band" in French.Its design is composed of a thin belt around the chest and connected to the thin band below. It is a bit like a corset, but it will be more sexy.

Why is Costo popular?

The reason why Costo is welcomed is because it is both sexy and supporting and wrapped effects.It is also very suitable for wearing low -cut clothes, because it will hardly expose clothes.In addition, it can also enhance its visual effect by adding decorations such as beads, diamonds, silk belts.It can also be worn in the bedroom to increase the mood and happiness.

What types of Costo are?

Costo has many different types. These types are usually classified according to different materials and styles used.Some common Costo types include transparent, lace, satin, mesh, leather and so on.Costo with different materials and styles can adapt to different occasions and personal preferences.

How to match Costo?

If you plan to wear Costo, we recommend that you match the underwear or corset that matches its color.In addition, you can use a sexy silk pajamas or transparent long skirt to improve the overall effect.You can also add a pair of high heels and a sexy lipstick to make you look more charming.

How to choose Costo’s size?

Choosing the right size is the key to wearing Costo. If you choose an error, it will greatly reduce the comfort and appearance effect.It is recommended to choose the same size as your normal underwear size, but because Costo’s design is tight, you can also choose a slightly loose size.

How to maintain Costo?

Costo should be cleaned by hand washing to avoid using washing machines, because Costo can easily damage and deform.Using mild soap or dedicated cleaner can ensure its quality and softness.Avoid direct sunlight when drying, do not dry it with a dryer.

Who is suitable for Cosett?

Costo is suitable for women in all shapes. It provides rich style and size choices that can adapt to women of different shapes.If you want to enhance your sexy charm, or add fun and interest on a romantic night, then wearing Costo may be the best choice.

Where can I buy Costo?

Costo can be purchased on many sexy underwear stores and online stores.Before buying, you must choose a reputable merchant to view customer reviews and scores to ensure that you buy genuine quality and rich styles.

What is the price of Costo?

Costo’s price varies from material, design and brand. Ordinary Costo is usually between 1,000-3,000 yuan, and high -end Costo prices may be higher.Choosing the price and style suitable for it is a perfect investment in sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Costo is a sexy, comfortable sexy underwear, which can provide a variety of styles and size choices, suitable for women with various figures.Choosing the right size is the key to using Costo. It is also important to wash and maintain it with good reputation.Using it to enhance your charm and interest can not only meet your needs, but also enhance self -confidence.

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