What is the general price of sexy underwear

Factors of sexy underwear prices

Interest underwear is a special underwear. In addition to the basic warmth and covering function, it also emphasizes sexy and interesting.Therefore, the price of sexy underwear is generally more expensive than ordinary underwear.Let’s take a look at the main factor of sexy underwear prices.


Like ordinary underwear, brand is an important factor in sex underwear prices.The price of sexy underwear for well -known brands is usually higher, because brands represent quality and guarantee.For example, Japan’s Titi, Victoria’s Secret in the United States, and La Perla in Italy have a high popularity in the sexy underwear market.

Design and fabric

The design and fabric of sexy underwear are also an important factor affecting the price.More complicated, more refined, and higher underwear with higher -level fabrics.For example, expensive fabrics such as lace, silk, and exquisite designed underwear inlaid gemstones, pearls, etc. are usually higher.

Origin and manufacturing process

The origin and manufacturing process of sexy underwear is also a factor affecting the price.Some brands produced in European and American countries and Japan pay more attention to the choice of manufacturing craftsmanship and materials. They usually spend more costs to ensure product quality and technology, and the price is naturally higher.

Wholesale and retail price

Like other products, the price of sexy underwear will also be different due to the different retail and wholesale prices.Generally, the wholesale price will be much lower than the retail price, because the wholesalers will purchase a large amount of inventory at one time, get the discounts given by the brand and reduce the cost of transportation.

method of sales

Another factors affecting the price of sexy underwear are the way of sales.Some brands are only sold online, which is a more cost -effective way, because they do not have to consider rent and labor.However, the rent and cost of traditional physical stores will also be included in the price of the product.

Seasonal demand

Like other clothing, seasonal demand will also affect the price of sexy underwear.In important festivals such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, the sales of sexy underwear have risen, and merchants will also increase the price increase.

Special size price

Some erotic underwear brands provide some special sizes, such as large code, small size, cup large, flat chest and other customized services.Because these underwear require more materials and processes, the price will be higher.

Sexy and suitable occasions

The last factors affecting the price of sexy underwear include the sexy degree and suitable occasion of the underwear.Usually, design more sexy underwear is higher than other ordinary underwear.For specific occasions, such as wedding underwear and evening dresses, the price is also higher.

in conclusion

In summary, there are many price factors in sex underwear. Brands, design, fabrics, origin, manufacturing process, wholesale and retail price, sales methods, seasonal requirements, special sizes and suitable occasions will affect the price of underwear.When buying, we need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to our needs and budget.

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