What is the most seductive of sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing, which has attracted the love of women with its charming style and design.So, what kind of sexy underwear is the most attractive?Below, let’s discuss this problem together.

Sexy and not tacky

If you want to achieve the best attractive effect of sexy underwear, you must first guarantee sexy and not tacky.You can choose a simple style, exquisite details, and simple colors.Don’t be too gorgeous and too fancy, otherwise it will give artificial work or even vulgar feelings.

Discover sexy but not excessive exposure

Sex underwear can reveal sexy, but cannot be excessively exposed.You should choose the size that suits you to avoid chest exposure and tightness.This will look full of sense of violation, but reduces temperament and temptation.

There are many tricks, suitable for different occasions

There are many tricks of sexy underwear and can be selected according to different occasions.For example, a low -key and mysterious black love underwear is suitable for dinner and formal occasions. A pink or red sexy underwear is more charming during romantic dating.

Material and detail are very important

The material and details of the sexy lingerie determine whether it is comfortable and whether it can bring sexy charm.Silk’s erotic lingerie hand feels skin, as if not wearing.The details such as lace and embroidery have strengthened its artistic and fashion sense.

Color matching should be appropriate

Color matching is also an important aspect of sexy underwear.People with different skin colors can also have different temptation effects in different colors.Peach, purple, and black are all good choices, but to avoid too bright colors, otherwise it will affect the overall nature.

Consider your body and age

Interest underwear is not only suitable for young women with hot body, but also for women of different ages.The sexy underwear with tight design or tight design is suitable for young women with hot body, while loose designs such as fat people, underwear skirts, and suspenders are suitable for women with plump figures.

Consider how to wear

The way to wear sex underwear is also important.For example, the half -cup -type erotic underwear is more sexy than the full cup type; the low -waist design is more conducive to showing women’s beautiful legs and so on.The choice of dressing can highlight the advantages of the figure and better display the charm of women.

Consider the choice of accessories

The choice of accessories for sex underwear is also critical.For example, it is more charming with the erotic underwear of the tassel; with transparent or tattoo stickers, it looks mysterious and vague, increasing sexy temptation.

The most important thing is self -confidence and temperament

The most important temptation is the self -confidence and temperament of women itself.No matter what kind of sexy underwear is wearing, as long as the woman itself has confidence and temperament, it will bring a strong sexy temptation.


In different cases, choose different erotic underwear, and pay attention to details and matching, reveal sexy but not excessive exposure.The most important thing is the self -confidence and temperament of women, which is the strongest sexy temptation.

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