What kind of sexy underwear shows the legs and the eldest girl

What kind of sexy underwear shows the legs and the eldest girl

For women, long legs are an eternal fashion.Almost every girl has a dream of having a pair of long legs.Although sexy underwear is part of our private life, it can also play a great decorative effect on the figure.So, what kind of sexy underwear can show the long leg longer?Here are some of my suggestions.

1. High waist pants

The first thing to choose to choose to buy is comfortable. High -waisted thongs can show the leg ratio well and make the leg lines smoother.Moreover, it does not cut the waist and legs, making people feel more coherent and effectively prolong the visual length of the legs.In addition, thongs can improve your hips well, making your legs look more perfect.

Second, tulle socks

Type -made socks are very suitable for summer wear. They can expose their legs and modify their leg lines, making the legs look slender and slender.Make up socks and high -heeled shoes, skirts or shorts will make your legs more beautiful.

Third, V -shaped underwear

V -shaped underwear is very effective for showing long legs.Especially girls who were very thin in their lower body, wearing V -shaped underwear will make the legs look more in the golden ratio.If you want to wear a more sexy and charming temperament, you may choose a belt -style V -shaped underwear, which can better match various erotic underwear.

Fourth, high boots

High boots are a must -have item for showing figures.They can significantly extend their leg lines and make the visual effects even higher.High boots below the knee can make your leg lines more perfect and more in line with the golden ratio.And matching with black erotic underwear makes you shine.

5. High heels of exposed ankles

The high heels of the ankle can make your legs look slender.They can highlight your calf lines and make people shine.In particular, choosing strap -type high -heeled shoes can not only enhance your sexy degree, but also make your legs more slender.

Six, over -the -knee black stockings

For girls who are not very tall, over -the -knee black stockings are good choices.They can make the calf lines more lines and improve visual effects.Remember to choose black high -heeled shoes!

Seven, waist sleeveless tops

Sleeveless top is a good single item that shows the body, which can highlight your thin waist lines.The design of the waist can make your overall leg lines look smoother. Therefore, this is one of the styles recommended when choosing sexy underwear.

Eight, loose shorts

For those girls with more texture, loose shorts are very suitable.They can perfectly present your leg shape, will not expose the weaknesses, and add some balance to the length ratio.

Conclusion: Choosing the right sexy underwear can not only stimulate our desires, but also show the lines of women’s figure perfectly, making us look more charming.The above is only personal suggestions. Different people are different. As long as you choose the right style and maintain confidence, you will definitely become a unique beautiful woman.

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