What sexy underwear is suitable for fat girls

What sexy underwear is suitable for fat girls

Interest underwear is an important tool for enhancing sexual desire, increasing interest and irritating life, but for fat girls, how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you is also a disturbing problem.Below, this article will provide relevant suggestions for fat girls to help them wear sexy self -confidence and charm.

1. Select the right size

First of all, it is important to choose the right size.Too small erotic underwear will not only make fat girls feel uncomfortable, but also easier to strangle meat, making the belly, hips and other parts more prominent, and lack of modifying beauty.Therefore, it is recommended that fat girls choose a larger size, mainly comfortable and natural, to avoid causing physical discomfort and unsightly effects.

2. Pay attention to the combination of style and color

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, you should pay attention to the combination of style and color.For fat girls, you need to choose a style that is more suitable for your body, such as corsets, pantyhose, etc. with tightening the waist, so that your advantages can be better displayed.In addition, choosing colors with modified effects, such as black, dark blue, purple, etc., can make the figure more thinner and enhance self -confidence.

3. Avoid too tight sexy underwear

Fat girls should avoid choosing too tight sexy underwear. Such underwear will leak out the body’s fat and make the body look more bloated.Rather than selecting tight underwear, it is better to choose the softer, properly relaxed, and have an underwear that can make the body more well -proportioned and natural.

4. Select the sexy lingerie of the breathable material

In addition, when choosing a sexy underwear, fat girls should choose good breathability, soft materials, and comfortable and personalized underwear in order to show sexy charm comfortably and naturally.For example, the sexy underwear of air -breathable materials such as cotton, silk, lace is the ideal choice of fat girls, which can show sexy charm comfortably and naturally.

5. Choose the type of underwear that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, fat girls also need to choose the type of underwear that suits them according to their own characteristics.For girls with full chest curves, you can choose the style of the corset, bra, and the girls who tighten the waist appropriately. You can choose to pantyhose with your waist bodies. These underwear brings a good modification effect to the beauty of the body.In short, according to your own needs, choose the type of sexy underwear that suits you to effectively avoid the problem of overly prominent figure.

6. Choose underwear with modified effects

In addition, in order to make the figure better modify and display, fat girls should choose underwear with modified effects when choosing sexy underwear.Such as pantyhose, T -shaped pants, etc. with waist effects, can effectively modify the waist and show a wonderful curve.The bra, corset, etc. with concentrated effects can enhance the plumpness of the chest and show sexy charm.

7. Choose unconventional sexy lingerie styles

Like other women, fat girls should also actively try to choose unconventional sexy lingerie styles.Although these styles require a certain degree of courage and self -confidence, they are also full of charm and temptation.These unconventional styles, such as suspenders, or transparent lace pantyhose, can release a unique sexy atmosphere and enhance their confidence and charm.

8. Focus on matching

When wearing sexy underwear, fat girls need to pay attention to matching.You can choose clothing that is similar to or similar to the underwear color or jewelry that represents the inner thoughts. For example, under the black red color scheme, you can match black stockings and red high heels.Such a combination can make yourself more beautiful, sexy, and present your own unique personality.

9. Pay attention to the natural curve of the body

When wearing sexy underwear, fat girls need to pay attention to the natural curve of the body.It is not appropriate to make yourself too tight, nor should it be loose, and maintaining the natural curve can not only show the advantages of the figure, but also increase your self -confidence and charm.

10. Enhance self -confidence

Finally, the key to the fat girl wearing sexy underwear is to enhance self -confidence.The self -confidence and good temperament are more important than any sex underwear, which can make the figure more beautiful, sexy, and natural.

in conclusion

In short, in response to the problem of fat girls wearing sexy underwear, we have proposed how to choose suggestions such as the size, style, color, material, type, modification effect and matching of them.Hearts, these will help fat girls wear sexy self -confidence and charm.

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