What should I do if he always let me wear sexy underwear

If you don’t like it, refuse

Wearing sex underwear is a personal choice and experience. In any case, if you do n’t feel comfortable or unwilling to do so, you can refuse.If your partner has been persuading you, try to tell him frankly, let him know your position.

Ask your partner why you want you to wear sexy underwear

Sometimes, understanding the partner’s view of sexy underwear and why he likes it is important to solve this problem.Maybe he thinks it will enhance the fun of sex, or he thinks it is a more romantic way to express love.Clarify this to help better communication.

Find the real reason for the problem

If you are troubled or confused about your partner’s request, asking why he has such a requirement, the real reason may be much simpler or more complicated than what you think.He may have seen his idol or friend, or he wants you to become more confident.If you know the real reason behind, you and your partner can understand each other more clearly.

Find a compromise plan

If you finally decide to wear sexy lingerie, but you are not sure what style and color are suitable for you, choose underwear with your partner or try to go to the store test room, it may be a good compromise.In this way, you can choose a underwear that makes you feel comfortable while satisfying your partner’s expectations.

Don’t change yourself to cater to others

Wearing sex underwear is not what everyone likes or does.Before you make any changes, make sure you do so for yourself, not to cater to others or because you think this is a must.

Make a choice under your own conditions

Wearing a sexy underwear will not change your actual self -worth, a small underwear should not be the center of your life.Don’t let the underwear determine your self -worth and feeling.If you decide to try to wear sexy underwear, then make a choice within your restrictions and conditions.

Seek help from friends or consultants

Before making a decision, it may be a good way to discuss with your friends or consultants.They may give you some more realistic and practical ideas, not your partner’s expectations and standards for sexy underwear and sex.

Understand social expectations and cultural customs

Before you make any changes, please understand the expectations and cultural customs of sexy underwear and sex in the local society.After that, you can decide whether to match the local customs and standards, or maintain your views and positions.

Don’t think that wearing fun underwear must have more sex

Wearing sexy underwear will not automatically increase your sex experience.If there is a problem with the relationship between you and your partner, what kind of underwear you wear cannot be changed.Advocating sexy underwear does not mean that you have more freedom in terms of sex, and it will not make you more attractive.

Believe in your own decision

Finally, believe in your choice.At any time, don’t let the expectations or standards of others determine your own ideas and actions.If you want to try to wear sexy lingerie, try it, if you don’t want to, don’t force yourself.The important thing is to believe in your own decision.

in conclusion

Wearing sex underwear is a personal choice and experience, and should not let the expectations and standards of others overwhelm your thoughts.Before you make a decision, make sure you make a decision for yourself, not to cater to others.Maintaining confidence in yourself and believing in your own thoughts is the most important.

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