What should I do if the object requires wearing fun underwear?

Background introduction

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a weapon for women to show their sexy and charm. However, in some cases, we will encounter such problems: our objects require ourselves,So what should I do?

First of all, frankly treats each other is the key

If you feel at a loss on this issue, you might as well treat him frankly and tell him your actual thoughts.Maybe he feels much better than you think, or he has similar confusion, and it is important to support each other at this time.

Discuss the reason for the other party’s request

When talking about the topic of sexy underwear, understanding your needs and desires are important for both sides.Then you need to ask your object, "Why do you want me to wear sexy underwear?" And find his answer.

Be careful not to give up yourself

If your object requires you, you should first consider your feelings and comfort.You can tell you your concerns, you can try some compromise solutions, such as the color or style that you are satisfied with both you.

Different values cannot be a break

Everyone has their own unique aesthetic and values.If your target likes sexy underwear, but you don’t like it, then you don’t need to wear it to please him.The respective respect of each other’s point of view is the key to learning and understanding.

Depending on the occasion and environment

When you are wearing fun underwear, you need to consider the occasion and environment.If you wear sexy underwear in order to improve the quality of sex, then you can choose some special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Honeymoon.It is inappropriate to wear sex underwear in formal occasions (such as corporate banquets or family gatherings).

Consider another way

If you don’t want to wear fun underwear, but if you want to increase interest or use other ways to enrich your sex life, then you can try some other interesting things, such as watching fun videos, playing interactive games, or talking about personality depression.

It’s not a bad thing to try new things

Wearing a sexy underwear may be an opportunity, which can make the sexual life between the two of you more colorful.If you all want to try some new things, it is very important to choose some sexy underwear suitable for both parties. It is very important to feel interesting and pleasant.

Don’t be controlled by the standards defined by society

Remember, although interesting underwear is becoming more and more common, this does not mean that everyone should wear it.Everyone has their own unique style and aesthetics, and should not be bound by the standards defined by others or society.Keep confident forever, you will wear your own style.

The important thing is whether it is comfortable and confident

In the end, wearing sexy underwear, the most important thing is whether you feel comfortable and confident.If you feel confident, then you will wear beautifully.At the same time, if both of you enjoy this experience, you will become very interesting and pleasant to wear sexy underwear.

No matter what your decision is, always remember to keep real and frank, because this is crucial for your partner and your self.

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