What to use for sex underwear

Choose a suitable cleaning agent

The first step of sexy underwear washing is to choose the right cleaning agent.For most sexy underwear, mild detergent is the best choice.Try to avoid using a cleaning agent containing bleach or bleaching agent.In addition, do not use cleaning agents with strong acid or strong alkali.

Preparation before cleaning

We need to prepare before starting to clean up the fun underwear.First, turn the underwear over and remove any impurities.Then check whether the underwear is damaged or needs to be repaired.Finally, check the washing instructions on the underwear label and determine the method of cleaning.

Hand -washed

For the soft and thin -like sexy underwear, hand washing is the best choice.We can soak the underwear in the cleaning solution, rub it slowly, and rinse it with water.Finally, use a dry towel to shoot gently, but do not squeeze or dried underwear hard.

Machine washing

For some solid and durable sexy underwear, we can also put it in the washing machine to clean it.However, it is recommended to use small washing bags to protect underwear to avoid damage.At the same time, we must comply with the washing instructions on the underwear label, choose the appropriate washing program, and the best use of a mild detergent.


The drying method of sexy underwear is crucial.You must not put underwear in a dryer or electric oven, high temperature may damage the material and elasticity.We recommend using a clean towel to gently wrap the underwear, absorb excess water, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally.

Cleaning method of special materials

Sexy underwear of different materials requires different cleaning methods.For high -end materials such as silk or wool, it is recommended to use dry cleaning or hand washing.And sexy underwear containing elastic fibers is not suitable to use overheated water or high temperature cleaning to avoid damaging fibers.

Pay attention to color matching

In order to maintain the color of the sexy underwear does not fade, you need to pay attention to the color matching.Generally speaking, light -colored erotic underwear is best cleaned separately to avoid mixing with other dark underwear to wash, causing dyeing.

Regularly clean

In order to maintain the hygiene of sexy underwear, we recommend cleaning it on a regular basis.For underwear worn frequently, clean it in time after each use.For underwear that rarely or never pass, it should also be cleaned regularly to keep the underwear itself hygiene.

Avoid the sun

Sex underwear should avoid exposed to the sun for a long time, especially in summer.High temperature and ultraviolet rays may damage the material and elasticity, causing the underwear to deform or damage.Therefore, we recommend drying underwear in the shade or cool and ventilated place.

Way of storage

When we do not need to use sexy underwear, we should store it properly to maintain the quality of the underwear.We can fold the underwear and put it in a dry and ventilated drawer.At the same time, do not stack underwear and other items together to avoid compression and deformation.

Point of view

Nowadays, there are many fun and lingerie styles in the market, complicated materials, and cleaning methods.The correct way of cleaning can not only extend the life of sexy underwear, but also maintain its hygiene and prevent the impact on health.Therefore, while buying underwear, we also need to understand the method of cleaning and take care of more beautiful and lasting life for underwear.

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