When is the sexy underwear taken off

Introduction: sexy underwear matching time

Interest underwear is an important part of adding sex and sex experience, but when will it take off them?Let’s take a look at it together.

Warm -up: Types of sexy underwear

You need to know when to take off your sexy underwear, first of all, you need to know what kinds of sex lingerie.According to the material, sexy underwear can be divided into leather, silk, mesh, liquid glue and other materials.According to the style, the sexy underwear can be divided into different styles such as lace trim, low -cut, plackets, and wraps. You can choose according to your preferences and situations.

First of all: take off the conventional underwear

Before taking off the sexy underwear, take off ordinary underwear.Not only that, it is actually skillful in taking off underwear in the whole process of sex. It can increase interest through helping with each other and wiping.

Try to interact: Discellabal underwear during the foreplay

The wearing of sexy underwear can not only be used in sex, but also wear it in the foreplay.This behavior can enhance the interaction and sexual interest between partners, and make the whole person’s process richer.

Emphasize psychological state: Take off underwear according to the feeling

The wearing of sexy underwear is determined according to its own psychology and atmosphere, and there is no need to stick to it for a moment.If you feel and feel the best state, it is not impossible to take off your sexy underwear to express it.

A sense of Time: Take off sexy underwear on the climax

During the whole process of sex, orgasm is a very important link.Sometimes before or after the climax comes, taking off the sexy underwear can increase the irritation of sex and make the atmosphere enthusiastically.

Atmospheric construction: Disposal underwear makes the atmosphere even more burning

Interest underwear is a necessary part of sex. If you add more erotic elements in the process of sex, the whole atmosphere will become more burning.Forgot all the shyness and concerns, take off the sexy lingerie, make sex more perfect.

Change the pattern: the new idea of adding a change of the transformation

For some sex enthusiasts, they often want to continue to try freshness in the process of sex.At this time, it is a good choice to take off the sexy underwear from time to time, which not only makes the atmosphere more explosive, but also increases the new meaning of transformation.

Pay attention to the private parts: avoid too much friction between sexy underwear and body

When you get rid of sex underwear, pay attention to the friction between your body and sexy underwear.Especially in the private parts, when using liquid or oil to increase sex, you should also pay more attention to avoid sexy underwear and your body with excessive contact.

Relax mentality: more attention to the feeling of sex

Whenever you take off your sexy underwear, the most important thing is to relax your mentality and pay more attention to the feeling of sex.In this way, you can really experience the pleasure and excitement given by sexy underwear in the process of sex.

in conclusion

When you take off your sexy underwear, you need to depend on the specific situation.Most importantly, keep a state of relaxing in the process of sex. Don’t pay too much attention to feel the interaction of the soul and body.

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