When the couple in a different place buy a sexy underwear, when will I wash it?

When the couple in a different place buy a sexy underwear, when will I wash it?

Different places often need to find some special ways to maintain their relationship. One way is to buy sexy underwear.However, they are facing a trouble: When will the sexy underwear be washed?In this article, we will provide you with some practical suggestions for washing lingerie.

1. Guidance on the label

First of all, you need to read the label of sexy underwear carefully to find guidance on washing.On the label, you can find information such as washing temperature, washing method, ironing temperature.This information will help you better understand how to clean your sexy underwear.

2. Hand washing is better than machine washing

Although you can put the sexy underwear into the washing machine for cleaning, hand washing is still the best way.Because hand washing can easily control the amount of mild water cleaner, thereby protecting your erotic underwear.In addition, hand washing can also reduce the risk of damage to sexy underwear.

3. Do not use bleach

When cleaning sex underwear, it is best to avoid using bleach.Bleeding agents will destroy cellulose, which will cause sexy underwear to become more likely to damage.If you must use a bleach, then please read the washing guide carefully before cleaning.

4. Avoid excessive cleaning

Sexy underwear is a relatively special clothing, which usually does not need to be cleaned every day.Before you wash your sexy underwear, check it carefully if you need to clean it.Excessive cleaning can cause coloring, damage or damage of sexy underwear.

5. Use a mild cleaner

It is very important to use a mild cleaner when you need to wash sexy underwear.Too strong cleaners will cause harm to sexy underwear, and mild cleaner can better protect sexy underwear while cleaning.

6. Wash different colors of sexy underwear separately

When cleaning different colors of sexy underwear, you need to separate them to wash.This can avoid dyeing between different colors, and at the same time, it can also extend their service life.

7. Avoid using a dryer

When you clean your sexy underwear, it is best to avoid using a dryer.Drying opportunities generate too much heat, which leads to the deformation, shrinking or damage of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is best to dry the sexy underwear in a ventilated place and dry it naturally.

8. regular cleaning

Finally, you need to clean your sexy underwear regularly.If you use sexy underwear frequency, it is best to clean each time after use.If you use the frequency, it is best to clean it every few weeks.Regular cleaning can help your sexy underwear keep fresh and clean, and avoid odor.

Viewpoint: If you want to keep your sexy underwear in a good condition, you need to see them as a special clothing, pay special attention to their washing and maintenance.Using mild cleaner, hand washing instead of machine washing, preventing excessive cleaning, and avoiding dryers, these are useful skills to protect your sexy underwear.

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