Whether to wear sex underwear once or repeat

Why does anyone repeat wearing sexy underwear

Since its birth of sexy underwear, sexual lovers have been favored by sex lovers.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more sexy, seductive, and durable, which is one of the reasons for people to invest.

However, some people choose to repeatedly wear sexy underwear. Is this correct?

What are the materials of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear is generally divided into three types: fiber, graphene, and natural fibers.Among them, fiber material is the most common, mainly nylon, amino, silk, etc. This material has elasticity, dry and breathable characteristics.

As a new material, graphene is superior to fibrous materials.Natural fiber materials are mainly cotton, soft and breathable but lack of elasticity.

Suggestion of sexy underwear

When you buy sexy underwear, you should choose a size that meets the proportion of your partner and your partner, so as to ensure comfortable dressing.In addition, you should avoid buying too cheap sexy underwear to ensure quality and use safety.

Sexual underwear wears times

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to wear only once.This is because the fabrics of sexy underwear, as well as lace, lace and other decorations are prone to friction and stretching, and it is not easy to clean. If it is repeated, it is easy to deform and damage, and even affect human health.

How to correctly clean the sexy underwear

The cleaning of sexy underwear is very important. The correct cleaning method can extend the life of the sexy underwear.You can wash or make fun underwear by hand, but you need to pay attention to the following points:

Do not use bleach

Do not dry the dryer

It is recommended to use neutral detergent

Falling underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Please place the sexy underwear in a dry and ventilated place to avoid wet damage to the fabric.In addition, sexy underwear should not be exposed for a long time, otherwise it is easy to fade.

Sending underwear wearing occasions

Interest underwear is not only used for sex occasions, but also can be worn on other special occasions, such as party and makeup balls.However, you should avoid wearing sexy underwear for a long time. The sexy and exposure of sexy underwear can cause discomfort from the people around you.

Interests of underwear and health

Wearing sex underwear does not have a negative impact on the body, but when purchasing, you need to pay attention to whether the material is comfortable and breathable, and try to avoid the use of inferior sexy lingerie that may cause damage to the body.

How to put in sexy underwear correctly

It is also very important to store sex underwear.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to fold the sexy underwear into the cabinet and ensure that it is dry and ventilated to avoid direct sunlight.


Through the above introduction, we can clearly understand the materials of sexy underwear, purchase suggestions, wearing times, cleaning and maintenance, occasional occasions, and health -related knowledge.If you want to maintain the beauty and life of sexy underwear, correct cleaning and maintenance methods are essential.It is recommended to wear only once, which is also conducive to your healthy and more comfortable sexy underwear.

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