Where is the sexy underwear shop in Xinjiekou

Where is the sexy underwear shop in Xinjiekou

Brand underwear shop

Xinjiekou has many well -known brand underwear stores, such as Victoria’s Secrets, Aimer, Triumph, etc.These shops provide a variety of sexy lingerie styles. Whether it is ladylike, sexy style or cute style, you can find a style that suits you.

Sexual products store

In addition to brand underwear stores, Xinjiekou also has some stores specializing in selling products, such as avant -garde products and interest space.These shops provide a variety of erotic underwear and accessories, such as cat ears, lace handcuffs, etc., which are places that sexy underwear enthusiasts cannot be missed.

Night market stall

If you want to find more affordable sexy underwear, you may wish to come to the night market booth in Xinjiekou.The stall owners on the night market will also sell some sexy underwear. Generally, the price will not be too high, but the styles and quality may be slightly inferior to the brand store.

Online shopping platform

If residents near Xinjiekou want to avoid crowd to buy sexy underwear, online shopping is a good choice.Many e -commerce websites such as Tencent and Ali provide a variety of sexy lingerie and sexual supplies. There are also many niche sexy underwear brands only sold online.

Private customization

Private booking sexy underwear is also a good choice.Around Xinjiekou, there are many private custom sexy underwear shops. These shops can create a sexy underwear that is exclusive to you according to your preferences, body shape, skin color and other characteristics.

Jewelry shop underwear area

The underwear exhibition area in the luxury jewelry shop is also a good place to find sexy underwear.Over the years, the jewelry brand has begun to cooperate with outstanding underwear brands around the world to launch a series of limited edition underwear.It is reported that these underwear is famous for high -quality fabrics and manufacturing processes.

Specialty store during the Cultural Festival

Xinjiekou will hold some cultural festivals and exhibition activities every year. There will also be some sexy underwear brands participating in these occasions and set up specialty stores.For example, Shanghai Fashion Week and Cultural Expo are good choices for buying unique sexy underwear.

Film and Television Drama Studio Studio

Some film and television drama stylist studios also provide sexy underwear purchase services.They have rich experience and professional knowledge, and they can provide customers with recommendations for selecting and sexy underwear for different figures and requirements. After purchasing, they can also get personalized matching suggestions.

Five -star hotel gift shop

In some five -star hotels around Xinjiekou, some gift shops will sell underwear.These underwear is better in quality and material than other brands of underwear.This also means that their prices will be higher, but for customers who are pursuing high -quality, these underwear are definitely worth buying.

Comprehensive mall underwear counter

If you worry about where to buy sexy underwear, you can choose to buy sexy underwear at the integrated mall underwear counters.The underwear counters of these malls provide various brand sexy underwear, which is suitable for customers to choose according to their requirements and preferences.And buying sex underwear in the mall can also enjoy the convenience of returns and exchanges when needed.


In general, buying sexy underwear in Xinjiekou is not a difficult thing. You can choose any way of shopping mentioned here. It is best for you.For customers with better quality and more styles, it is a good choice to choose a brand underwear store, jewelry store underwear area and five -star hotel gift shop.If you like more affordable sexy underwear, then the night market booth and online shopping platform can meet your needs.

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