Where to wholesale sexy underwear girl

Where to wholesale sexy underwear girl

1. Network Wholesale Platform

The online wholesale platform is one of the most extensive sales channels in the sex underwear market.For example, Taobao, JD.com, Pinduoduo and other e -commerce platforms all have a lot of sexy underwear wholesalers.By browsing these platforms, you can find sexy underwear wholesalers with reasonable prices and sufficient supply.

Second, sex products mall

The sex products mall is also a good place for wholesale sex lingerie.These malls usually provide lower prices and more supply channels for wholesalers.The sexy underwear wholesalers in the mall have been strictly reviewed and screened, and the quality is relatively high. You can buy it with confidence.

Third, manufacturer direct sales

The manufacturer of sexy underwear is also a good wholesale supplier.Through direct contact with the manufacturer, the cost of the intermediate link can be saved, and the more competitive price can be obtained, and the quality and supply of sexy underwear can also be guaranteed.

Fourth, the physical wholesale market

The physical wholesale market is also a good choice.These markets operate various wholesale products, including sexy underwear.In the market, wholesalers will have more exchanges and contacts, and at the same time, they can directly see the physical underwear of sexy underwear for easy choice.

Five, sexy underwear exhibition

The sexy underwear industry holds many exhibitions every year, and these exhibitions are also a good opportunity for wholesale sexy underwear.During the exhibition, you can directly communicate and negotiate with many sexy underwear manufacturers and wholesalers, and at the same time, you can learn about the latest market trends and trends.The price at the exhibition is relatively competitive.

6. Cross -border e -commerce wholesale platform

With the rise of cross -border e -commerce, more and more sexy underwear wholesalers are looking at overseas markets.Through cross -border e -commerce wholesale platforms, you can directly deal with overseas wholesalers to obtain lower prices and larger market share.

7. Manufacturer direct sales exhibition hall

Some large enterprises in sex underwear manufacturers will set up direct sales exhibition halls in various cities in China. These exhibition halls are similar to physical stores, showing and selling their own sexy underwear products.By going directly to these exhibition halls for wholesale procurement, you can get good prices and services.

8. Wholesale market agent

In the wholesale market, there are also some agents operating specific brands or products.Choosing to cooperate with these agents can get more information and resources, and at the same time obtain a preferential wholesale price.

Nine, contact the sexy lingerie brand Fang

Fun underwear brands usually have their own wholesale channels to directly contact these brands, or join its wholesale team to get more wholesale information and discounts.

10. Cooperate with other wholesalers

In the sexy underwear industry, most of the network intermediaries, and the connection and cooperation between wholesalers are also a common phenomenon.Cooperating with peers can expand its own sales scope, reduce procurement costs and inventory risks, and at the same time establish a stable and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship.

in conclusion

Wholesale and sexy lingerie, with diverse channels, and experienced wholesalers must not only choose a channel for supply.In order to obtain better products, lower procurement costs, and reduce operating risks, choosing one or more channel cooperation that suits you is the key to choice.

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