Which county produces sexy underwear

Which county produces sexy underwear

As a fashionable cultural product, sexy underwear has always attracted much attention.Globally, the manufacturing and sales of sexy underwear have always been an industry. Many cities and counties and cities have special manufacturers.So, which county produces sexy underwear?Let’s find out together.

Paragraph 1: Shi County

Shifang is located in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, and is one of the domestic sexy underwear areas.The county has a long history and is known as the "East Zhejiang Township and Sichuan Future". Its manufacturing industry is also very developed, especially in the manufacture of sexy underwear.Shifang’s sexy underwear is rich in color, diverse, exquisite and delicate, and has been recognized by the market.

Paragraph 2: Xisai Mountain District

Sicai Mountain, located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, is also an important production area for sex underwear manufacturing.Here are several companies that are specifically sold in the manufacture of affectionate underwear. The products combine the elements of Eastern and Western culture, which have very high aesthetics and fashion.

Paragraph 3: Luanjiang District

It is also one of the important production areas of the sex underwear manufacturing industry in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province.The district has advanced manufacturing processes and high -quality raw materials, and exports to the European and American markets with high quality and comfort.

Paragraph 4: Yantian District

Shenzhen Yantian District is also one of the production sites of sexy underwear.Many of the well -known brands in China have gathered here, with advanced manufacturing craftsmanship and diverse sexy lingerie styles, which have been loved by consumers.

Paragraph 5: Panyu District

As a county under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou, Panyu District is known for its unique geographical location and humanistic style. It is also an important production area of sexy underwear. Its products are mainly known for high quality, softness and color.

Paragraph 6: South China Sea District

The South China Sea District is a subordinate area under Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and one of the important production areas of sexy underwear manufacturing.The sexy underwear in the area mainly focuses on comfort and fashion, and has developed a lot of underwear products with various styles and materials.

Paragraph 7: Nanchuan District

Chongqing Nanchuan District is one of the center of sex underwear manufacturing.The product style is diverse, with unique design and excellent quality, and it is a potentially potential sexy underwear production area.

Duan Eight: Zhenxiong County

Zhenxiong County, located in Chuxiong and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, is one of the areas of domestic sexy underwear.The county’s sexy underwear has different style, unique and exquisite design, and has a strong cultural atmosphere. It is known as one of the characteristic products of Yunnan Province.

Duan Jiu: Xiapu County

Xiapu County, Ningde City, Fujian Province, mainly produces sexy underwear and various underwear.The products produced by it are stylish, colorful, and diverse, and export them to the European and American markets with high -quality materials.

Paragraph 10: Xiaodian District

The small shop area in Taiyuan City, Hebei Province is also an important production area for the sex underwear manufacturing industry.The district’s sexy underwear has achieved very outstanding results in terms of appearance, style design and manufacturing process, and is an important breakthrough point in the domestic sexy underwear manufacturing industry.


It can be seen that the production and manufacturing of sexy underwear are widely distributed.Each production area is very unique in terms of style, design, color, materials, etc., and each region has its own unique style and charm.Therefore, choosing high -quality sexy underwear needs to find a product that suits you according to your needs and taste.

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