Which female star has taken sex underwear

Which female star has taken sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy, interesting and exciting underwear. More and more women are beginning to pursue the beauty and sexuality of this underwear.Many stars are also willing to put on sexy underwear during shooting to show their charm and sexy.Let’s take a look at which female star has taken sex underwear.

1. Jennifer Aniston

The heroine Jennifer Aniston in "Half Sky" once dedicated a set of sexy underwear photos.In this group of photos, she was wearing golden sexy underwear, her legs were slender, and her legs were seductive.The colorful meal of this group of photos has added a sexy temperament to Jennifer Aniston.

2. Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has taken a set of photos of red love underwear, which is also one of her classic images.Her scattered hair, slender figure, hot makeup, and red -colored sexy underwear made her sexy charm to maximize.

3. Katy Perry

Pop singer Katy Perry has also spoke for the sexy lingerie brand and took a set of hot photos.In this group of photos, Katy Perry wore black and sexy underwear, with sexy short hair and flame red lips. She showed her sexy charm with ultra -high curves and teasing eyes.

4. Beyoncé

"Wild Girl" Beyoncé has also tried to take photos of sexy underwear. With her tensioned body language and sexy atmosphere, she successfully showed her "Queen B" personality.

5. Rihanna

Pop singer Rihanna once endorsed the sexy lingerie brand. In a large -scale photo, she showed her sexy figure and teasing eyes.Her shape is very recognizable, and also shows Rihanna’s self -confidence and atmospheric atmosphere.

6. Kelly Brook

British actress Kelly Brook has also taken a set of sweet sexy underwear photos.In this group of photos, she wore a pink sexy underwear and golden curly hair, and the whole person exudes a exquisite breath.

7. Megan fox

Hollywood actress Megan Fox also took photos of sexy sexy underwear.She was wearing a black sexy underwear, with smoky makeup and fiery hair, and her sexy scale burst.

8. Angelababy

Chinese film and television actress Angelababy has also taken photos for sex underwear brands.She was wearing a black erotic underwear and showed some tattoos on her. The whole group of photos was noble and elegant, perfectly interpreting her charm.

9. Chiaki Kuriyama

Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama has also taken very sexy photos for sexy underwear brands.This shape uses black sex underwear with short black hair, which emit her sexy temperament.

10. Tina Fey

When I was young, Tina Fey once wearing sexy sexy underwear performances in the "Saturday Night Live" show.Although this performance is interesting and funny, she also successfully shows her sexy and confidence.


In general, these stars show their sexy side by wearing sexy underwear.This underwear can not only make women more confident and freely express themselves, but also allows people to regain their confidence in figure and gain a beautiful and sexy.

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