Why can’t sex underwear be worn everyday

The concept and characteristics of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear refers to some styles of some styles, colorful or dazzling colors, or more mysterious, sexy, seductive underwear and other characteristics in materials and accessories.It is mainly designed for fun moments, bringing people more excitement, surprise and pleasure.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear has more decoration, texture, details, and smaller area fabrics. Fortunately, it is more suitable for intimate time.

Wearing sex underwear occasion

The occasion of wearing sex underwear is mainly at the moment of interest, that is, the private relationship between couples.This moment is very mysterious, excited and desire for two people.Interest underwear can help enhance the feeling of desire and desire, increase various thinking officials, and stimulate passion.Therefore, wearing sex underwear is not able to deal with it at will in daily life.

Falling underwear materials and design

In the use of fabrics, sexy underwear will choose softer, comfortable sweat absorption, good breathability, and clear color.In the design, more special materials such as silk, Donas, and lace may be used. The design also highlights the style of beauty and sexy and tempting, giving a mysterious feeling.

Pay attention to wearing erotic underwear

Pay attention to wearing erotic underwear: Do not wear too tightly to avoid compressing breathing and blood circulation.Also pay attention to the correct way to wear when wearing to show the unique style and color of the underwear.In addition, the choice of sexy underwear must be selected according to your own body shape, and you should not expose yourself too much and embarrassing.

The difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear

The most obvious difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is the difference in design.The design of sexy underwear is more special and unique, unlike the monotonous use of ordinary underwear."Soft, comfortable, beautiful, sexy, tempting, breathable" is the common characteristics of sexy underwear, and "patterns, embroidery, hollow, transparent, sequins, lace" are the design elements commonly used in sexy underwear.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear and ordinary underwear

Unlike ordinary underwear as private clothes, sexy underwear is suitable for stimulating, tempting, lingering, happy, and enjoying passion nights in more private occasions.Ordinary underwear is suitable for daily life, work, study, etc. to show their overall posture.There are different use occasions and dressing feelings in both underwear.

The importance of sexy underwear at sex moments

Interesting underwear plays a very important role in the moment of fun.It can help enhance the sensory experience of fun moments, create an atmosphere of peach blossom source, increase intimate interaction, improve the relationship between husband and wife, and so on.Therefore, sexy underwear is indispensable in the moment of interest.

The reason why sexy underwear cannot be worn everyday

Interest underwear cannot be worn every day because it is too exposed, too sexy and explicit. These are not suitable for showing and wearing in public. After all, we are in a background of a culture.In addition, the inside of the sex underwear, buttons, buckle and other components are much less than conventional underwear. The materials are different, they are not comfortable and breathable, and they are prone to discomfort and doubts for a long time.

Suggestions and precautions for buying sex underwear

Pay attention to the material, style, breathability, wear experience, quality, and professional store services of underwear in sex underwear.Second, you can pay attention to the brand and quality of sexy underwear.In terms of purchase, you can choose to buy on a large mall or a relatively professional online shopping platform to effectively ensure the quality of purchase and after -sales service.


Although sexy underwear has advantages in sexy and seductive, it also has its own restrictions.Wearing it needs to pay attention to interest moments and occasions, as well as comfort, health, etc., you need to choose and use carefully in use.

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