Why can’t sex underwear choose the size

Difficult size in sex underwear?Most of them are brand problems

When buying sexy underwear, many people find that the selection of size is really a headache.Some people may find that even if they are purchased according to their own size, the sexy underwear they bought may still be unable to fit the figure, which is really annoying.So, what causes the size of sexy underwear to choose from?

Different brands of sexy underwear size standards are different

First of all, the reason for the "elusive" of the sexy underwear size is likely to be due to the different size standards of different professional sex lingerie brands.For example, some brands of B cups may be equivalent to the C -cup of another brand, which makes many customers unable to buy it properly to the size suitable for them.

The material and style of sexy underwear also affect size selection

In addition to brand factors, the material and style of sexy underwear also affect the choice of size.For example, the gauze material is not elastic, and the fixing of the gauze will deteriorate when wearing, but replaced with good elastic fabrics may be much smaller than the size you usually wear.

The different international size standards are also one of the reasons

In the sexy underwear of overseas brands, there are very large size standard differences.Therefore, if you buy the sexy underwear of the international brand, it is recommended that you confirm your international size before buying, instead of determining it based on the Chinese size.

Tailor -made erotic underwear is a good choice

Sometimes, choosing some tailor -made sexy underwear is also a good choice.In this way, you can avoid choosing a size.However, it should be noted that the cost of customization is relatively high, and the possible time may be relatively long.

Try to try on is the key to avoiding the wrong size

Trying sexy underwear is very important.When buying sexy underwear, it is best to try on the spot.If you buy online, it is recommended to buy the brand and size that suits you.It is best to choose a platform that supports free returns, so that even if the size is not suitable, the return and exchange processing can be performed.

Different styles have different requirements for size

When buying sexy underwear, the size requirements for different styles may also be different.Some styles may be more intensive and tightened. Therefore, compared to ordinary styles of sexy underwear, special attention needs to be paid to the selection of size.

Pay attention to the size measurement method

The correct size measurement method can ensure that you can buy the sexy underwear that suits you best.Many people choose the size according to their routine wearing habits.However, in order to ensure your comfort and beauty, it is best to measure it.

Make a body tailoring to make yourself more comfortable

In fact, most of us have a certain difference in figure, so customized sexy underwear has become particularly important.By making accurate body tailoring of your body, you can better fit your body in sex underwear, more comfortable and natural.

In general, try a lot to better solve the problem of choice

In short, do not pursue the so -called standard size when choosing sexy underwear, but analyzes specific issues.In the case of tailor -made customs, you can customize it according to your own body and make a measurement according to the size table.For other situations, it is recommended to try more and choose to be more suitable for your own brand, size and style.


All in all, the choice of erotic underwear is not a very difficult thing. The most important thing is to comprehensively consider your body and clothes style.At the same time, choosing some brands and platforms that support free returns will bring great benefits to their shopping experience.Of course, if you choose your body and erotic underwear more cautiously, it is best to consider tailor -made, which can reduce your trouble.

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