Why can’t Taobao’s sexy underwear be released?

Why can’t Taobao’s sexy underwear be released?

Taobao, as one of China’s largest e -commerce platform, not only has a large number of buyers, but also attracted many sellers to settle in.Among them, there are not a few sexy underwear shops, but some shops will encounter the situation that cannot be issued. Next, let’s take a look at the possible reasons and solutions.

1. Insufficient store qualifications

Selling fun underwear on Taobao needs to provide relevant certificates and qualifications.If your shop has been unable to sell the goods, it may be because of the lack of some necessary certificates.In this case, you need to make up for relevant materials in time, and then contact Taobao customer service for review.

2. Store violations

Taobao has clear regulations for selling sexy underwear. Some unsatisfactory behaviors, such as the use of violated vocabulary and incompatibility with graphics, will cause the store to be blocked.If the store is blocked, you need to check what regulations that violate and rectify it in time.Then contact Taobao customer service to appeal.

3. Improper keywords

Whether it is published or store descriptions, keywords need to be used reasonably.If the keywords are not used properly, it will be reviewed and rejected by Taobao stores.Therefore, before publishing the product, please check whether the keywords used are appropriate.

4. Product description does not match

When publishing sexy underwear, you need to ensure that the graphic is in line with the real object.If the description does not match the actual object, the Taobao review will be approved to be released.So please pay attention to check whether the products published in line with the description.

5. Irregular picture

Interest underwear is a sensitive product. If the picture is irregular, it will be refused to release.Therefore, when publishing products, you need to pay attention to the production specifications, clear, and real pictures, and be careful not to violate the picture standards for Taobao platform.

6. Unreasonable price

When selling sexy underwear, the price must be reasonable.Excessive or too low prices will affect the sales of goods.If the price is unreasonable, it will affect store review and product sales.When setting up a price, you need to do a good job of market research and rationally pricing according to the situation.

7. Logistics instability

On the e -commerce platform, the quality of logistics services will directly affect the user’s shopping experience.If your shop has problems such as delivery, return and exchange, I am afraid that you can hardly achieve good sales on Taobao.So please pay attention to choose a courier company with stable logistics services.

8. After -sales service is not in place

After -sales service is also an important factor affecting Taobao stores.If the goods sold by the store have quality problems or inappropriate, deal with and solve it in time, so that your store can get more praise and trust.

in conclusion:

If your sexy underwear shop cannot issue products, it may be one of the above factors.By checking the sales process of your own store, optimizing product information, and strengthening after -sales service, you can improve the review rate of stores, improve sales performance, and make your Taobao shop more successful.

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