Why do boys send fun sheets

Why do boys send fun sheets

Sexy underwear has gradually become an indispensable element in love. Men often choose to give sexy, quality, elegance, comfortable, and suitable for their girlfriend’s sexy underwear. This is a way to express love and increase interest, but butMen’s erotic lingerie is not acceptable to every woman. The degree of acceptance is related to the specific styles, attributes, receivers, brands, fabrics and other factors.This article will discuss the significance of sending erotic underwear, the advice of choosing sexy underwear, the attitude of receiving the sexy lingerie, the accessories of the sexy lingerie, the brand level, and the fabric.

The symbol of girlfriend happy love

Many men give gifts to love underwear as a way to express love and happy love.Sending a delicate sexy underwear represents the enthusiasm of men to girlfriends, and can also create a romantic atmosphere.Sex underwear can also convey messages, such as the bow or flower above or flowers represent purity and fresh love.

Reflecting the body size and preference of girlfriend

Men send love underwear, not only need to understand the body size of her girlfriend, but also to understand her taste and preference.Choosing the right color, cutting and fabric is to ensure that the underwear is not only suitable for her girlfriend’s body, but also for her personality and style.Especially in color and style, men need to choose cautiously.

Improve love and fun life

Gift of sexy underwear can increase the experience of sex life, making monotonous sexual life more interesting.Communication for his girlfriend, such as inner humor and enthusiasm.A detailed market survey shows that women in sexy underwear are more likely to provoke sexual desire and reach orgasm.

Pay attention to wearing brands and quality

When choosing sexy underwear, men should pay attention to the quality of the brand and products.Using the appropriate material will improve the comfort of girlfriends, and high -quality underwear can better present women’s curves.Considering the perspective of good health, men should also choose underwear with very comfortable materials and not easy to cause allergic reactions.

Acceptance of obedience to his girlfriend

Gift -free underwear is not acceptable to every woman.Therefore, men need to make a decision after understanding their girlfriend’s acceptance of sexy underwear.If her girlfriend accepts sexy underwear, she will be more grateful to her boyfriend’s gift, and feel that her boyfriend has enough understanding of herself and considerate.

Sexy underwear can be worn as a complete set

The accessories and clothing of sexy underwear are also very important.Men can choose other accessories, such as stockings and socks, gloves, high heels, etc. to set off a sexy atmosphere.In addition, underwear can be paired with other clothing, such as tulle perspective dresses.


Brand levels, design styles and quality are all the focus of sexy underwear.Mainstream brands such as stand -up clothing, Wei Ya, Mei Nianda, Ge Guo, Jasmine, etc. all have their own advantages and characteristics.When choosing underwear brands, men should make reasonable judgments based on their budget and girlfriend’s brand preference.

Choose excellent fabrics

When choosing a sexy underwear, the quality and touch of the fabric are also one of the decisive factors.Both breathability, comfort and softness are important indicators of fabrics.High -quality fabrics can provide good texture and quality guarantee, and it is also the best way to ensure the health and performance protection of underwear.


In short, the reason why men send love underwear are to strengthen the feelings between couples, and at the same time, they must also reflect a certain degree of understanding of their girlfriend.Choosing a model and style suitable for girlfriends can not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also stimulate interest and enjoy a healthy sex life.Men especially pay attention to their girlfriend’s acceptance attitude and brand quality to ensure that women can get the best comfort and experience.

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