Why doesn’t the hotel provide sexy underwear


In many cases, hotels will provide many convenient facilities, such as soap, towels, toothbrushes, slippers, hair dryers, etc.However, after providing these necessities, some hotels still do not provide sexy underwear.Why is this?

What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear is usually sexy women’s underwear and can be worn during sex.Their materials and design aims to enhance sexual pleasure and visual attractiveness.Although there are many types of sexy underwear, they usually include cups, corsets, stockings, suspenders and other parts.

The reason why the hotel does not provide sexy underwear

There are many reasons for not providing sexy underwear in the hotel. The following are some of the common reasons:

1. Hygiene issues

Because sexy underwear is a very personal item, for the hotel, providing guests with sex underwear will face great hygiene problems.Even if these clothes are cleaned, there may still be a problem with human secretions such as viruses and bacteria.This makes hotels have to consider providing health -related facilities, such as gym, swimming pools and sauna, instead of providing sexy underwear.

2. Based on conservative considerations

In some countries or regions, the hotel’s sexy underwear may be considered immoral and criticized.Hotels often want to avoid any potential controversy, and adopt a conservative attitude and do not provide high risk facilities, such as sexy underwear.

3. Respect the choice of guests

Some people may be a little shy about sexy underwear, and hotels do not want guests to feel any uncomfortable.The hotel hopes to provide services to them in the way of respecting guests, while meeting the needs of guests and not to make them feel embarrassed or un respects.

4. Cost problem

The cost of sexy underwear is relatively high. If the hotel provides sex underwear, their prices will be included in the guest room fee.Because some guests may not have the willingness to use sexy underwear, the hotel does not want guests to pay additional fees for this, but try to reduce the price of rooms by reducing the provided projects.

5. Brand image problem

Some high -end hotels will establish their own brand image, which may not match their service positioning with their service positioning, affecting the brand image.Therefore, some high -end hotels will provide sexy underwear as a symbol of low -end services and are unwilling to provide such facilities.


Although some people may want the hotel to provide sexy underwear, the hotel is usually not provided for different reasons.Providing guests with multiple problems to provide customers, including hygiene, culture, cost, and brand image issues.The most important thing is that hotels need to respect the choice of guests.

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