Why don’t you buy sexy underwear in the big mall

The reason why the big mall does not buy sexy underwear

With the progress of society and the opening of sexual concepts, sexy underwear has become synonymous with fashion and sexy.However, in large shopping malls, it is difficult for us to find the shadow of sexy underwear.Let’s analyze why the big malls do not buy sexy underwear.

Not suitable for shopping mall positioning

Large shopping malls are facing the public. It is positioned as home entertainment and daily life supplies, while sexy underwear is a private item, which is not suitable for the public.Therefore, selling sexy underwear in large shopping malls will affect the overall image of the mall.

Stores are vulnerable to moral constraints

The operation of the mall has been limited by social morality.Some people with strong conservative ideas do not understand the cultural connotation of sexy underwear, and believe that they are sexy and insignificant.Once the shopping mall sells sexy underwear in the store, it will involve the problem of moral cognition, causing unnecessary social contradictions and public opinion pressure.

Interesting underwear store construction costs high

The cost of store construction in sex underwear is relatively high, and special store design, decoration, display, etc. need special store design, decoration, display, etc., from high -end sexy underwear to daily use of sexy underwear requires different display methods and space. ThereforeConsidering is also a relatively simple choice.

Consumer access frequency is low

Compared with traditional products, the frequency of customers in sex underwear is relatively low, and the demand for purchasing is not as urgent as family daily life supplies.The annual sales of the mall depends on the frequency of customers with higher customers to maintain, while sexy underwear does not necessarily meet the operating needs of the mall.

Market immature

Although sexy underwear has become a fashion trend of society to a certain extent, compared to mature markets, sexy underwear, as an emerging product, has not yet reached a mature stage.Therefore, sexy underwear does not have long -term stable sales. When choosing the product line, the malls often choose products with relatively stable sales to ensure the daily operations of the mall.

Business specifications are restricted

Interest underwear has high brand marketing requirements and market thresholds. Generally, additional resources and capabilities are required to expand market.The operating specifications of some shopping malls are restricted, and it is not convenient for brand marketing or advertising in the industry, and it is difficult to meet the brand’s demand for the market.

The nature of the mainstream shopping mall does not contain sexy lingerie

Traditional shopping mall operations are mainly targeted at products required for Volkswagen’s life, such as cars, home, appliances, cosmetics, etc., and products such as sexy underwear are not in the mainstream business category.Therefore, choosing not selling sexy underwear in the mall is also a choice in line with the nature of the mall.

Consumer group limited

Interest underwear is not as extensive as other shopping mall products on the consumer group.Among some areas or groups, there are still certain cultural gaps in sexy underwear, and the acceptance is not high.Therefore, the market space is relatively small in selling sexy underwear in the mall. After the sales generated by the comparison and the costs required by other goods, the mall is not cost -effective.

The shopping environment provided by the mall is not suitable for buying sexy underwear

The shopping environment of the mall needs to take into account the overall experience of the customer. Compared with other products, the sexy underwear needs to be more private and comfortable to the shopping environment.To run a shop or sell sexy underwear in the mall, it will bring more discomfort to customers, and it is difficult to provide customers with a more professional and cordial shopping experience.


In summary, it is reasonable to choose not selling sexy underwear without selling sexy underwear.Because shopping mall operations are particularly taken care of the various needs of customers and the overall experience of the shopping environment, the situation of selling sexy underwear obviously does not meet these conditions.However, the field of sexy underwear also has a lot of markets and potential.Industry experts suggested that it can introduce the product of sex underwear through channels such as online sales, thereby meeting the needs of certain consumers.

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