Will there be germs in sex underwear

Does the sexy underwear have germs?

Interest underwear is usually considered a costume for increasing sexual desire and stimulating emotion.However, they are always regarded as private items, so it is essential to maintain their cleaning and hygiene.This also makes people have a natural problem. Does the sexy underwear have germs?

What are bacteria and fungi?

Before answering this question, you must understand what the pathogen is?Bacteria and fungi are the two most common types of germs.Bacteria are single -cell microorganisms, while fungal is multi -cell creature.Some of these types can cause infection and disease.In some cases, these germs can survive items and spread in cross -infection.

Is there a germs on the sexy underwear?

Now, answer the first question: Is there a germ on the sexy underwear?The answer is yes.It is very likely that your sexy underwear has been exposed to many people’s hands (such as in stores, manufacturers’ tests), and some of these people may have germs.Therefore, sexy underwear may have environmental pathogens such as bacteria and fungi, and these pathogens will have a negative impact on human health.

The effect of the bacteria on the sexy underwear may have the impact on the body

The contact with the human body may lead to infection and disease.When your sexy underwear is pathogens, it may cause bacterial infection and other physical problems, such as mold infections and urticaria, and these symptoms need to be medical.

How to identify whether there is a germ infection in sexy underwear?

The pathogenic bacteria of sexy underwear must not be seen by the naked eye, so the following symptoms need to be observed:

Whether the color has changed

Whether the smell becomes heavier

Whether there are spots or plaques on the surface of the fabric

Looks like mold.

If you observe any of the above symptoms on sexy underwear, then there may be some types of pathogens, and then you need to clean up sexy underwear in time.

How to clean the situation of sexy underwear with bacteria?

Here are some ways to wash sexy underwear:

Based on the instructions of the washing instructions correctly, the sexy lingerie is properly arranged.

Before cleaning the erotic underwear, the underwear is completely soaked in hot water.

Add some cleaners, such as laundry powder or dedicated aseptic sexy underwear cleaner to sexy underwear.

Place sex underwear in a dryer or dry in the ventilation.

Before ironing sexy underwear, make sure you do it in dry clothes and do not damage the fabric.

These methods can effectively clean sexy underwear to ensure that it does not contain the pathogen or bacteria and fungi of the patient.

How to prevent bacteria infection?

The best way to avoid sexy underwear infection is prevention.You can reduce the risk of infection through the following methods:

Try to avoid sharing sex underwear with others.

Replace sexy underwear regularly, do not use the same sexy underwear for a long time.

Ensure that sexy underwear is washed strictly in accordance with the instructions and suggestions.

Keep your body clean and hygienic.

If you find any symptoms on sexy underwear, clean immediately.

Applicable crowd of sexy underwear

Sexual feelings and sexy makeup are usually used to enhance sexual attractiveness, so people who like sexy underwear are those who love sex or give their bodies freely.If the sexy underwear is completely clean and clean and maintains in the way you need, it can be used safely.Basically, only those with allergies with skin diseases or immune systems need to be careful about the use of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Before using sexy underwear, please know more about the type of love underwear, how to maintain and clean it, and how to prevent bacterial infection.The correct use and cleaning method can ensure that we maintain healthy, interesting and pleasant in the process of enjoying sex.

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