Women don’t like sexy jackets

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a underwear designed to help enhance sexual experience.However, some women don’t like this underwear.Why is this?This article will solve this problem for you.

2. Assuming and reality

Although sexy underwear is sexy, many of them are far from the actual needs of women.For example, some erotic underwear will be uncomfortable in summer, and some sexy underwear is designed too complicated, and it takes a long time to wear it.These problems cause some women to not like to wear sexy underwear.

3. Material and quality

In addition to being unreasonable, the material and quality of erotic underwear also affect the experience of women.Some erotic underwear is dominated by impermeable synthetic materials, which will not only cause skin allergies, but also make the wearer feel uncomfortable.In addition, some sexy underwear is rough, and the stitching is not firm enough, which is easy to damage.

4. Not in line with personal taste

Different women have different aesthetics.Some sexy underwear is too weird or exposed, which makes women feel uncomfortable.What women want are underwear that can show their beauty and make themselves feel natural and comfortable.

5. Bad taste and noise problem

In some cases, some low -quality erotic underwear will have a bad taste, which will not only be uncomfortable, but also pass the wrong signal.In addition, noise may be emitted when using sexy underwear, which will break the romantic and sexy atmosphere.

6. Not suitable for all physical forms

All erotic underwear is not suitable for everyone.Different physical forms need different designs.For example, some erotic underwear cut off the blood circulation in a short time, making the wearer feel pain.In addition, the design of sexy underwear is not tailor -made for all busts and hips, which will also lead to not suitable for some women.

7. Unnecessary price

The price of sexy underwear is usually high because they pay more attention to design and materials.However, many women believe that it is unnecessary to spend too much money to buy sexy underwear.Women can cultivate their sexy temperament rather than getting it by spending a lot of money.

8. Traditional choices are more practical

Although sexy underwear can bring sexy and freshness, traditional choices, such as comfortable traceless underwear and tights, are still the choice of most women.They are more practical and more in line with women’s needs in life.

9. Conclusion

All in all, women do not like sexy underwear because it is not suitable for their physical form, does not meet personal aesthetics or is too complicated and difficult to wear.In addition, the price of sexy underwear is usually high, and it is not worth the purchase of a lot of money.Of course, this does not mean that women cannot enjoy sexy and fresh, but before making choices, they need to consider actual needs and physical characteristics.

10. Reflection

Interest underwear does not like all women.What we need to reflect is that sexy underwear manufacturers should better respect the actual needs of women and understand customers with different figures and aesthetics.This will help sex underwear to better serve the women’s market and make more women enjoy sexy and fresh.

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