Women send sexy underwear to women

Women send sexy underwear to women

Women sending women’s sexy underwear is no longer a kind of unreasonable behavior, but has become a new trend in modern women’s lives.Many women give some sexy and beautiful underwear as gifts to good friends, sisters and girlfriends, which not only increases each other’s friendship and interaction, but also enhances women’s confidence and sexy charm.But sending sexy underwear also needs to be particular. The following will explain the points and precautions for women to send sex underwear to women in detail.

1. Analyze and accept objects

Before sending love underwear, we need to analyze factors such as the personality, preferences and figure of the subject.Different types of underwear are suitable for different people. If you send the wrong underwear style and size, it will easily cause embarrassment and discomfort.

2. Select the right style and material

Choosing a style and material suitable for the other party is also an important factor in sending sex underwear.For example, some women may prefer fresh and cute Taiwanese underwear, and some women are more inclined to sexy European and American underwear. Different materials can also give people a different touch and dressing feeling.

3. Pay attention to color matching

The selection and matching of color is also a problem that you need to pay attention to when you send sex underwear.Different colors of underwear can bring different visual feelings. Generally speaking, white underwear is clean and refreshing, black underwear is sexy, red underwear loves, purple underwear mysterious and elegant.

4. Pay attention to size problems

The size problem is one of the most error -prone issues to send fun underwear.Different brands of underwear may not be consistent. If you want to send underwear, it is best to ask the other person’s body and size in advance to avoid being unable to wear it after being sent out.

5. Understand the characteristics of the brand and style

Before sending love underwear, it is best to understand the characteristics of the brand and style.Different brands and styles have different styles and characteristics. Some underwear may be more suitable for avant -garde and fashionable women, and some underwear may be more suitable for gentle and lovely women.

6. Selection of gifts

In order to increase the attractiveness of gifts, some small gifts can be given on the basis of underwear, such as perfumes, lace gloves, stockings, etc.These small gifts can not only increase the value of gifts, but also allow the other party to better experience the overall effect of underwear.

7. Consider the feelings of the other party

In the process of giving gifts, the most important thing is to consider the other party’s feelings.Some women may be more conservative and do not like to wear sexy underwear. Some women may be more sensitive and do not like to be paid too much attention.Therefore, before sending love underwear, you must understand the other party’s thoughts and desires in advance to avoid misunderstanding or embarrassment due to inappropriateness.

8. Try to avoid embarrassing the other party

Although sexy underwear is becoming more and more common, some women are still embarrassed.In order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, you can choose more conservative styles when sending underwear, or to show the other party in advance to show your starting point and intention to make the other party prepare.

9. The right time and occasion

Time and occasions are also issues that need to be paid attention to sending sex underwear.Generally speaking, it will be more appropriate to send underwear on more private occasions, such as at home or women’s exclusive gatherings.In public or in court gatherings, it is best not to send sexy underwear, so as not to cause discomfort and suspicion of others.

10. Summary

Women sending women’s erotic underwear are both a way to reflect friendship and a way to enhance self -confidence.When sending love underwear, we need to consider the other party’s feelings and acceptance ability, and try to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstanding.Only at the right time and occasions, sending the right underwear in the right way can women truly feel their charm and sexy.

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