Women wearing sexy underwear pictures SM

Women wearing sexy underwear pictures SM

As a woman, I must have experienced sexy underwear, but have you tried SM sex underwear?SM sex lingerie is more sexy and bold than ordinary sexy underwear, revealing a strong characteristic of expressing personality.Below we will introduce this kind of sexy underwear in detail, take you to understand it and excite.

What is SM sexy underwear?

The full name of SM is SADO and Masochism (self -abuse), which refers to a special sexual hobby.SM sex underwear is a specially designed sexy underwear, which aims to meet the needs of sex partners who like torture and abuse, including sexual abuse and the real role -playing needs of both sides of sexual abuse and heterosexuality., Queen, slave, and so on, in short, they are some very exciting images.

SM sex underwear design

The design of SM sex underwear is mainly based on the hobbies of sexual abuse and masochism. In order to reflect this special style and taste, the designer has made a lot of research and design of materials, colors, cutting, and styles to make it time to make it some points to make it some points.There have been greatly improved.For example, its material usually uses tough materials such as leather, PU leather, steel wire mesh and chain, but this is not the same as it is uncomfortable, and sometimes it is more comfortable to wear; in addition, its color is generally not pink, pure, pureThe color, but black, dark red, and dark purple, which is very shocking; its cutting and styles are more sexy and bold, with distinctive contrasting colors and perfect details.Essence

SM sex underwear type

SM sex underwear can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Leather and PU leather

This is one of the most classic styles in SM sex underwear. Leather and PU leather are the most commonly used materials. It is supplemented by hardware decorations such as metal buckles and chains, so that the wearer is more domineering.

2. Military and hollow

This kind of sexy underwear is mainly based on narrow and mesh design, making the wearer more skinny and more sexy.

3. Better and legs

This kind of sexy underwear is mainly based on the style of bodies and legs. The use of steel wire relying on structural design to make the wearer more charming and more desire.

4. Class containing props

This type of sexy underwear is obviously innovative and special. The designer has added sex toys such as vibration rods to perfectly blend clothing and toys.

SM sex underwear sanitary maintenance

Buying a SM sex underwear does not mean that its life span is long. Over time, it will also wear some wear and damage. Therefore, correct cleaning and maintenance are necessary.Never throw it into the washing machine and clean it directly, let alone any sudden pants!A soft washing agent should be used, and professional cleaner can be used to treat saliva, body fluid and other dirt.

SM sex underwear matching method

When wearing SM sex underwear, it is best to match some clothes or accessories, which will make the overall matching more beautiful and comfortable.For example, it can be paired with sexy leather boots, stockings, handcuffs and other accessories to greatly increase the overall sexy level.

SM sex underwear needs attention matters

Finally, what to pay attention to is to pay attention is that SM sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone. If you are trying SM sex underwear for the first time, pay special attention to your physical response, such as excessive compression of your body, difficulty breathing, stimulating skin, etc.It should be immediately taken off and put on comfortable clothing.


SM sex underwear not only reflects the individual and diversified charm of women, but also the feelings and desires of those who are more durable.On the way to explore your own sexual desire, you can try SM sex underwear appropriately, master this technique, and make your sex life more fulfilling and more exciting.

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