Women’s belly button ornaments sexy underwear

Women’s belly button ornaments sexy underwear

Navel ring, navel bell and other navel jewelry are becoming more and more popular among women.And navel ornaments, sexy underwear is also very popular in recent years. It can not only make women wear sexy underwear, but also make women more attractive.This article will introduce the types of women’s navel ornaments of sexy underwear, use precautions, and matching skills.

1. Types

There are many types of sexy underwear in women’s navel ornaments. There are three most basic types: navel hanging jewelry with hooks, strap -type navel hanging jewelry, and chain belly button jewelry.Among them, the hook -type navel hanging jewelry is very simple to use, just fix the hook on the hook ring.The strap -type navel hanging jewelry can be freely adjusted according to the body shape, while the chain type is more complicated.

Precautions for use

When using a woman’s navel ornaments, pay attention to the following points.First of all, choose the size that suits you, don’t be too tight or too loose when used.Secondly, pay attention to hygiene issues. It is recommended to clean it before each use.Finally, do not disassemble the ornaments casually during use to prevent unnecessary damage from falling off.

Third, matching skills

The matching of women’s navel ornaments also requires some skills. The following are several small suggestions.First of all, don’t be too exaggerated, choose the style and size that suits you.Secondly, choose the right style according to your figure, focus on the proportion and visual effects.Finally, consider the overall style when matching to avoid causing conflicts or too fancy.

Fourth, matching clothing

Women’s navel ornaments of sexy underwear are also very important.Generally speaking, you need to choose a higher waistline clothing to make the navel hanging jewelry more prominent.For example, tight tops, tight skirts, high -waisted pants, etc. can be matched with sexy underwear with navel ornaments.

5. Suitable occasion

Women’s navel ornaments have a suitable matching method in different occasions.If you can choose some exaggerated styles when you are at home or to go to a sex party, you can try boldly.In daily life, a relatively low -key style should be selected, so as not too publicity to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Six, maintenance methods

Women’s navel ornaments need to pay special attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear.First of all, do not clean it with other clothing, you should wash it alone.Secondly, use a dedicated detergent to avoid damaging the navel hanging jewelry.Finally, avoid collisions during use to avoid damage to ornaments.

Seven, attitude

The attitude of wearing a woman’s navel ornaments is also very important.As a kind of auxiliary decoration, the navel hanging jewelry can only play a role in adding feminine charm, and what determines your charm is your inner and temperament.

Eight, conclusion

Women’s navel ornaments have become a fashion choice for modern women.You need to pay special attention when selecting, using, matching, and maintenance to ensure its safety and beauty.The most important thing is to treat it with the right attitude and use it as a decoration, not a means of evading reality.

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