Women’s subordinates wearing fun underwear stories

See her for the first time

When I first saw my new subordinates, she was wearing a black perspective sexy underwear. Although I was not a sexy underwear expert, I could immediately see that it was very sexy and bold.

I feel a little embarrassed

When I saw her wearing such underwear, I felt a little embarrassed because it was not appropriate to wear such underwear in the workplace.I decided to talk to her privately.

Result of conversation

I told her that wearing such underwear in our workplace is not good because we need to respect the company’s working environment.She quickly understood my opinion and promised not to wear such underwear anymore.

Another sexy underwear appears

However, a few days later, I found that she wore a similar sexy underwear.This time, I feel very angry because I think she disrespects my opinions and wears inappropriate clothes. This is a very unprofessional behavior.

Talk again

I talked to her again and told her that if she could not keep up with the company’s culture and values, she might not be suitable for our team.She was sorry and explicitly stated that she would not make this mistake again.

Actual expression

In the next few months, I noticed that she did not wear similar sexy underwear again, and her work performance was getting better and better.She is a very hard -working and serious employee, and I appreciate her work attitude very much.

My point of view

I think wearing sexy underwear in the workplace is not suitable, which will destroy the professionalism of the working environment.Although some people may think that appearance is not important in work, in my opinion, wearing appropriate clothes can reflect a person’s professional spirit and work attitude.

how to respond

If you find that your subordinates are not suitable for clothes, the best way is to talk to them privately, tell them your concerns and propose solutions.If they do not change their behaviors, they may need to take stricter measures.

Culture and values

The culture and values of a company are very important for employees’ behaviors and attitudes. They can make the right decisions in the work.If your employees cannot respect the company’s culture and values, then they may miss the opportunity to become a great member.

Important education

As managers, our responsibility is education and guiding employees.In this case, we should educate employees what is suitable for clothes and behaviors suitable for workplace, and tell them why this is important.


Wearing suitable clothes is very important for a person’s image and impact, especially in workplace.As managers, we have the responsibility to ensure that employees abide by the company’s culture and values, and wear appropriate clothes to reflect their professional spirit and work attitude.

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