Write a novel of sexy underwear PALY

Chapter 1: Encountered

In a messy underwear shop, they met.

She was wearing a black perspective and sexy underwear. She had a mysterious temptation in her deep eyes. A long pair of slender beautiful legs around a bright red ribbon. The sexy breasts gently fluctuated with their breath, making him hearty.

Under her temptation, he began a journey of sexy underwear.

Chapter 2: Try to penetrate

They kept trying to penetrate various sexy underwear in the store.

He became more and more familiar with her body, learned about the material and tailoring of the underwear, and chose a black lace underwear that was most suitable for her figure.

Under his match, she put on a set of sexy sexy underwear and lace stockings.The whole person exuded a charming charm and made him completely indulged in.

Chapter 3: Game

They started a sexy lingerie game.

While guessing the other person’s next trial underwear color and style, we glimpsed the other party’s beautiful body in the inferior underwear.

Through this game, their distance is closer.

Chapter 4: Sexy Maid dress

He chose a sexy maid to dress up for her.

Black lace, puff skirt, white sleeve, and a pair of high -heeled shoes, she looked very charming, letting him unconsciously want to take her home and let her always be with her.

Chapter 5: Sexy Students Dress

She chose a sexy student to dress him up.

The tight T -shirt, ultra -short skirt, and long socks made him instantly return to the dream of high school.She was fascinated at once, as if returning to her youth.

Chapter 6: Psychous Color Underwear

They chose a set of psychedelic underwear together, and they found that they liked each other.

This set of underwear is not only bright in color, but also excellent tailoring and materials are uncomfortable.They appreciate each other’s body and love each other.

Chapter VII: Romantic Fairy Love Lingerie

In the end, he chose a set of romantic love and erotic lingerie to her.

This underwear is full of romance and fascination, and the combination of flowers and lace is exciting.After she put on this set of underwear, he couldn’t help holding her and enjoyed this charming romance.

Chapter 8: Ending

In the end, they met, love each other, and went to the future of happiness.

my point of view

Interest underwear is not only a dress, but also a kind of interest and lifestyle.Choosing a sexy underwear that is suitable for yourself and your partner’s figure and personality can enhance the feelings between each other and enrich the color and fun of life.However, in the process of choosing and matching, you must also pay attention to comfort and self -feelings. Do not blindly pursue external beauty, but ignore the inner enjoyment.In this way, you can really experience the charm and fun brought by sexy underwear.

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