Xu Yixi Inner Clothing Fairy Peach

Xu Yixi Inner Clothing Fairy Peach

Xu Ling’s Inscoral Underwear Fairy Peach is a sexy, charming sexy underwear. It shows the unique charm of women and makes people easier and free in sex.Below, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of this sexy underwear through several aspects of analysis.

Exterior design

Xu Ling’s Inscoral Underwear Fairy Peach is mainly color, and the elegant water pattern pattern is even more prominent in the background of the red.The design of the underwear is more unique. The front chest part is the leopard print cut out of the streamlined type, which brings a more wild feeling.A delicate bow is added to the bra, and the unique feeling of the girl.The entire underwear structure is simple, the lines are smooth, and the exquisite details are in place, which makes people feel a natural beauty.

Fabric selection

The fabrics used by Xu Lizhi’s Inner Main Overse Fairy Peach are high -end latex, very soft, delicate in texture, and excellent elasticity and reflection.At the same time, the material of the underwear is still a breathable material, which greatly reduces the stimulation of the underwear to the skin.In addition, Xu Yan’s Interesting Underwear Fairy Tao also added a certain amount of spandex, which improves the stretching and suitable degree of underwear, and is more convenient to wear and take off.

For people

Xu Ling’s Inscoral Underwear Fairy Peach is suitable for women with different forms, especially suitable for women with tough chests, and have a very good dressing effect.In addition, the style of Xu Jing’s Instead of Endogenesis is very sexy. It is suitable for various sexual occasions of sexual elsewhere, adding a fun to sexual life.


The material of Xu Yan’s Instead of Lingerie Fairy Peach is special. It is recommended to use neutral detergent to clean it by hand washing to avoid damaging its material.When cleaning underwear, it is best not to use a washing machine, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the texture of the underwear.

Merchant purchase

Xu Ling’s Instead of Lingerie Fairy Tao can be purchased at major sexual products stores or online sex malls, and the price is generally around 150 yuan.In addition, buying online is more convenient, and you can also enjoy more discounts.


When buying Xu Yi’s Instead of Lingerie Fairy Tao, pay attention to buying genuine products to avoid quality problems.At the same time, pay attention to the size of the underwear when wearing. Smaller underwear will cause excessive compression of the skin, and larger underwear will cause uncomfortable wear.In addition, be careful not to use too exciting cleaners when cleaning.


Xu Ling’s Inscoral Underwear Fairy Peach is suitable for short skirts or long skirts with various colors and textures. At the same time, it can also be paired with high heels to add the feeling of modern women.

brand introduction

"Xu Ling’s Interesting Underwear" is a brand specializing in the production of sexy underwear. Its underwear is famous for its excellent quality, novel styles, and rich colors.At the same time, the brand has specially developed a series of high -quality lubricants and sexy products to help consumers better enjoy the fun of sex.

Future trend

With the increase of people’s thirst and demand for sex, the development prospects of sex underwear are very optimistic.Therefore, Xu Jingye underwear with its unique design and high -quality performance, will get greater market share and more considerable profit in the future market.

in conclusion

Xu Ling’s Instead of Lingerie Fairy Tao not only has exquisite appearance, but also has excellent material and comfortable material. Its reputation and user evaluation are also very good. It is an essential good choice in sex occasions.If you want to experience the pleasure and fun in sex, this sexy underwear should not be missed.

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