Zhengzhou second -hand sexy underwear suit

What is a second -hand erotic underwear suit?

Second -hand sexy underwear suits refer to the sexy underwear that had been used before and no longer new, and usually sold to consumers in need in the form of a suit.

Why buy second -hand erotic underwear suits?

Some customers choose to buy second -hand sexy underwear for budget or other reasons.For some sexy underwear for jokes or as props for sex games, the value of second -hand is enough.

How to choose to buy second -hand sexy underwear suits?

First of all, you need to confirm the credibility of the seller. It is recommended not to buy second -hand sexy underwear with unknown coming.In addition, second -hand underwear may have been washed, and you need to pay attention to cleaning and disinfection.

Which sexy underwear is suitable for second -handed?

It is recommended to avoid second -hand purchases for sexy underwear, such as underwear and thongs that need to be exposed to the body.And it is relatively suitable for styles such as fitting and upperlights that can be matched with other underwear.

Note 1: Clean and disinfection

After purchasing, you need to fully clean and disinfect the sexy underwear suit.The disinfection method can be used by bleaching water or ultraviolet lights.

Note 2: Sanitary issues

When using sexy underwear, you need to maintain personal hygiene.Do not share the same set with others to avoid possible disease dissemination.

Note 3: Use time

Because the sexy lingerie set is no longer new, the quality is affected to some extent.It is recommended not to use it for a long time to avoid the adverse effects on the human body when there are quality problems.

Note 4: Don’t excessive

Interesting underwear itself is designed to enhance sexual experience. It is recommended not to excessive during use, but also pay attention to the protection and health of the body.


For the purchase of second -hand erotic underwear suits, you need to pay more attention to personal hygiene and protection.In the process of purchasing, using, cleaning and disinfection, we need to pay attention to the protection of physical and health, so as not to occur unnecessary risks and problems.

(Note: The above content aims to provide readers with related knowledge, which does not mean that we agree with the purchase and use of second -hand sexy lingerie sets. Specific business behavior should make independent decisions based on personal conditions))