Japanese sex lingerie video 2017

Japanese sex lingerie video 2017

Japan has always been the birthplace of sex underwear and has a very good reputation in the market.In 2017, Japan released a lot of erotic underwear videos. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Salsa sexy underwear

Sasha’s sexy underwear has always been the leading brand in the Japanese sex lingerie market.In 2017, they issued a sexy underwear called "Pink Temptation". This underwear is unique and colorful without losing fragrance, which has attracted many women’s likes.

2. Baidu sex underwear

Baidu sex lingerie, as the "old" brand in the Japanese sexy underwear market, also released many new styles in 2017.Among them, the most popular is the series called "Princess Champagne". This series uses high -end fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship to make the wearers extremely fashionable and sexy.

3. Tears sexy underwear

The clothing design of the tears of sexy underwear has always followed the simple and elegant route. In 2017, the "Black Angel" series they released in 2017 even reflected this advantage to the fullest.This series uses high -elastic lace fabric and thin material design, allowing the wearers to feel extremely smooth on their bodies.

4. High Flying Ball Instead of Instead

The overall style of high flying balls is fun and fun, and their design is very creative.In 2017, this brand launched a series called "Mao Guruji". This series uses plush fabrics and designed a very cute cartoon image, which is very suitable for women who like cute styles.

5. SNOB sexy underwear

The clothing design of Snob’s sex underwear pays attention to quality and craftsmanship. The "Red Sea Devil" series released by this brand in 2017 highlights this feature.This series adopts bright warm color and delicate craftsmanship, which has attracted a lot of attention at the street dinner.

6. Softie sexy underwear

Softie’s sexy underwear launched a series called "Princess Sea Blue" in 2017. This series is simple and pure, but it is more creative in color. The theme of the ocean uses blue and green.Fresh -style women.

7. Virgin Hearts sexy underwear

Virgin Hearts sex underwear was launched in 2017, and the series called "Pink Demon Ji" attracted many women’s attention.This series uses a very delicate design process to make the wearers feel fashionable and elegant.

8. Mevius sexy underwear

Mevius sex underwear released a series called "Black Temptation" in 2017. This series is based on the theme of black, with hollow design, so that wearers feel the ultimate sexy temptation.This series is very suitable for women who like "black tone sexy".


In short, 2017 is a very important year for the sex underwear market. In this year, the Japanese sex lingerie brand launched a lot of new styles, which attracted the attention of many women.These new styles are very particular about the design and fabrics, allowing the wearers to feel unprecedented fashion and sexy.

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