Ten men, ten women’s sexy underwear and underwear video


Fun underwear and panties have always been the favorite of couples. It can stimulate sexual interests between lover and increase emotional tacit understanding.Recently, ten men and women have conducted a sexual underwear and underwear trials in public places. We recorded their experience and feelings, and then share the specific situation.

Try to experience 1: Don’t have a taste

Several men and women felt differently in the first set of sexy underwear and underwear.They have stated that from the moment they put on sexy underwear and panties, they have different psychological feelings that are different from daily, and they are more feminine or masculine, which is wonderful.

Trial experience 2: Make emotions more sublimated

Interest underwear and underwear can make the relationship between lover better sublimate.After trying to penetrate sexy underwear and panties, several couples felt that their feelings were upgraded, more intimate, and more passionate.

Try to experience 3: sexy, fashion coexist

The concept of sexy underwear and panties is no longer limited to sexy. More often, it can be combined with fashion elements. There are various styles and options, which can make women or men feel more confident and beautiful.After trying through the trial, several women also said that they wanted to wear them in normal times.

Trial experience 4: credible quality

Interest underwear and panties do not just look at the appearance, and the quality is equally important.Among the ten men and women, most of them think that the quality is very good, wearing breathable comfort, not easy to compress the skin, and greatly increases the comfort of wearing.

Trial experience 5: Rich usage

Although sexy underwear and panties have good sexy effects, they have to find more usage, such as sleeping and exercise in daily life.Several women said that if they cooperate with scenes and contexts, life can make life more interesting and rich.

Video sharing 1: The application of sexy underwear in couple’s life

Video sharing 2:30 Welling underwear wear demonstration

Final point of view

The use of sexy underwear and panties is widely used. It can not only increase the temperature rise effects between couples, but also make people feel more beautiful and improve confidence.More sexy and stylish styles also make people wear more naturally in daily life.You should understand the style and usage of the underwear, and try to bring different surprises and experiences to your life.

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