Platty chest sex lingerie wearing pictures

Platty chest sex lingerie wearing pictures

1. Can sexy underwear improve flat chest?

Flat -up chest troubles many women make them feel inferior and unconfident.For this problem, wearing suitable sexy underwear is a simple and effective solution.Interest underwear has a clever design, which can make the chest look fuller and more sexy.However, it should be noted that underwear can not really change the size of the chest, but only use some techniques to create visual effects.

2. Choose the right sexy lingerie style

For flat -breasted women, we must first choose the right sexy lingerie style.Some underwear design will focus on the chest area, such as shoulder, lace, lace, etc.These styles can increase the curve of the chest.In addition, it is also a good choice to choose sexy underwear with fixed effects, such as bras, beam chests, etc.

3. You can wear it without sexy underwear without the shoulder pads

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Compared with the appropriate sexy lingerie style, the shoulder is not necessary in some cases.Especially for some women, the shoulder pads can make the chest look more prominent, but they are not coordinated.Therefore, it is also a good choice to have no shoulder -padding underwear.

4. The impact of fabric on the chest

The fabric of sexy underwear also affects the effect of the chest.For flat -breasted women, it is very important to choose personal and elastic fabrics.This kind of fabric can closely fit the body to play the effect of holding the chest, making the chest look more upright.

5. The effect of color on wearing effect

Color also affects the wearing effect of sexy underwear.Some colorful sexy underwear can give people a gorgeous feeling, attract the attention of others, but may also make the chest look smaller.Black erotic underwear will make the chest look tighter and upright, which is a good choice.

6. Create a sexy back

Interest underwear is not just about the chest.Choose some complex back design, such as hollow, mesh, strap, etc., which can create a sexy back, thereby attracting the attention of others.For flat -breasted women, this design can divert the attention to the chest.

7. Don’t wear too tight sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, be careful not to choose a tight -fitting style.These styles will make the body look uncoordinated, and they will also put pressure on the body.The most important thing is that too tight sexy underwear is not good for the development of the chest.


8. Match the right coat

Interest underwear is underwear, which needs to be matched with a coat.For flat -breasted women, it is also very important to choose the right coat.Some coat design can highlight the curve of the chest, which can make the role of the underwear more significant.

9. Pay attention to the comfort of the body

After wearing a sexy underwear, don’t just pay attention to its aesthetics, but also pay attention to your physical feelings.Interest underwear should be comfortable and fit, and it does not bring discomfort to the body.If you feel any discomfort, you should stop wearing sexy underwear immediately.

10. Know your body and create a self -confidence beauty

The most important thing is that flat -breasted women need to know their bodies and show themselves by virtue of confidence.Don’t put all your attention on your chest, but pay attention to other parts of the body, such as feet and hands.When you realize that you are the beauty of the whole body, you will naturally be more confident.


Putting on a suitable sexy underwear can improve the image of flat -breasted women and make them more confident and beautiful.However, it should be noted that sexy underwear is not a magic magic weapon that changes the size of the chest, but it only creates a more beautiful effect through skills.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we must pay more attention to comfort and their physical feelings.