Sexy underwear women are thin or fat or fat

Sexy underwear women are thin or fat or fat

1 Introduction

Sexy underwear is a special clothing that modern women pay more and more attention. It has the characteristics of sexy, mysterious and exciting, and has become a must -have for modern women to show their charm.With the continuous development of the sexy underwear market, people’s demand for sex underwear is far from being sexy and special. The occurrence of a problem has aroused people’s attention: Will sex underwear wearing it fat or thin?

2. Sex of sex underwear

The first thing to note is that the color and style selection of sexy underwear, different colors and styles have different impact on the body shape.If you want to be thin, choose dark -colored lingerie styles such as black and purple, these colors will look thinner.And if you want to look fat, choose the colorful lingerie style of pink and white, these colors will make you look fuller.

3. Do not choose too tight sexy underwear

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Although you want to look thinner, do not choose too tight sexy underwear.Too tight erotic underwear makes your flesh difficult to breathe, forming tailoring, making you look particularly bloated.Choosing comfortable sexy underwear can play its best results.

4. Choose the right style

Choosing the right sexy underwear style has a great impact on the body shape.If you want to look thinner, then choose a simple and smooth sexy underwear, you should try to avoid too much patterns, lace and other designs.And if you want to look more plump, then choose a richer and fancy sexy lingerie style.

5. Dressing

The posture of wearing sexy underwear is also the key point that affects the effect of the body.If you want to look thinner, then you should make your sitting position and standing posture more upright, so that the effect of sexy underwear can be more obvious.And if you want to look full, you can bend your body as much as possible to make yourself look more comfortable and softer.

6. Selection of filling

For women who want to appear more plump, choosing a reasonable filling is also an important problem.Generally speaking, different styles of sexy underwear have special filling designs, such as sponge, rubber, core wires, etc. Choosing the appropriate filling material can optimize the effect of sexy underwear.

7. Pay attention to the cutting line of various parts

The design of each sexy underwear has different cutting lines, which has a great impact on the body shape.Those who want to be thinner can choose the soft and natural sexy lingerie style, and those who want to be more plump can choose a more obvious design of the cutting line.

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8. How should we choose?

So, should we choose what is thin or fat?In fact, this question does not have an absolute answer.For people with small figure curves, they can choose a plump sexy underwear; for people with obvious figure curves, choosing a thin sexy underwear can show their advantages more effectively.

9. Summary

The choice of sexy underwear is very important because our choice is directly related to the effect of wearing sexy underwear.Any style of sexy underwear has certain skills in the process of dressing. Only by choosing the right sexy lingerie style and paying attention to the posture of wearing can we show the best display effect.

10. Conclusion

All in all, the wearing fat or thinness is still mainly depends on our own figure and effect.Only by comprehensively considering the advantages and disadvantages of their own figure, and choosing the appropriate sexy lingerie style and wearing posture can we show the best body effect.