School flower mouth describes in sexy underwear

The school flower tells the journey of wearing a fun underwear

I am a college flower. Although I have been interested in fashion and beautiful things since I was a child, I hesitated about wearing fun underwear.After experiencing something, I finally tried to put on sexy underwear, perhaps because of the moment of self -confidence and sexy shocked me, and since then, sex underwear has become my heart.

The experience of trying sexy underwear for the first time

I remember when I wanted to try to wear sexy underwear for the first time, my heart was very nervous.I picked up a sexy black lace underwear in the trial room and gently put on it.At this moment, I saw that I had a tall and slender figure in the mirror, so sexy and charming. I seemed to be more confident than ever. This feels really good!

Choose the right sexy underwear

For the choice of sexy underwear, I think it is important to buy a style that suits you. While ensuring your comfort, it is important to show your own beautiful posture.I like to selective sexy styles to add my own charm.For different occasions, I will choose different types of sexy underwear to show my charm, such as reflecting women’s soft and gentle lace sexy underwear, more teasing lace suits, and so on.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear should also be carefully maintained like ordinary underwear.First of all, we must comply with the requirements of washing, such as hand washing and placing in a special laundry bag for cleaning, and cannot be washed with other colors of underwear.You should also avoid using hot water and powerful washing solution. You can choose some specialized underwear cleaning solution.It is best not to directly expose or put it under the scorching sun, so as not to cause damage to the materials such as lace.

Sex underwear matching

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to be particular.For various styles of sexy underwear, the matching method should also be different.I like to match the sexy erotic underwear with a simple and elegant jacket or basic clothing. Through clever matching, I can strengthen my aura, which can also show the noble and elegant temperament of women.

Value of sex underwear

For our women, it is a way to show the beauty in the heart, consciousness and beauty, and it is also a way to reshape and enhance its charm.Interesting underwear is no longer a simple piece of clothing. It can break the conventional restraint, let us take the initiative to show our charm, and can also set out a variety of qualities such as our contemporary women’s independence and self -confidence, elegance and confidence, and self -combing.

Fashion underwear fashion

The fashion of sexy underwear cannot be ignored.With the development of society, sexy underwear also follows the trend of fandal fashion and introduce new.In terms of style, material, form, etc., the changes in sexy underwear are from scratch, from simple to complex, from nature to art, increasingly creative, more and more diversified.It is no longer a prop that only serving sex and sexual romance, but also abandoning traditional restraints, breaking the fashion industry, and becoming a must -have for modern women’s fashion dress. It is also part of fashion.

The development of sexy underwear

The development of sex underwear is long.It is said that as early as the European royal nobles in the 17th century, some people wearing sexy underwear -like underwear to show their figure and fashion taste.To this day, sexy underwear is no longer just a certain level and class luxury goods, but like top fashion brands, it has become a characteristic industry of postmodern, localization, personalization, diversification, and leapfrogging.In Chinese and Western society, sexy underwear has evolved from a kind of clothing to a culture and a popular style, and has become an important part and market for the global fashion industry.

The future of sexy underwear

In the future, sexy underwear will also bring us more surprises.With the development of technology and the innovation of designers, we can look forward to the advent of more sexy, stylish, and comfortable sexy underwear.At the same time, sexy underwear will also be further separated from traditional concepts. It is applied in many fields and has become part of contemporary women’s fashion life.


Wearing erotic underwear really made me feel real sexy and self -confidence, and completely subverted the recognition of my previous directors’ erotic underwear.I believe that for women who like beautiful things, choosing a set of sexy underwear that suits you can not only add charm and confidence, but also a careful care and care for yourself.When choosing sexy underwear, we should also pay more attention to sexy, materials, comfort, maintenance, etc., so that sex underwear has become a powerful weapon for us to show ourselves, strengthen self -confidence, and express charm.

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