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Fun underwear PLAY is a sex game. Many people like to add their sexual interests through PLAY. The items used in them also play an important role.This article will introduce some common props sexy underwear and its usage.

Pupils with sexy sheets

The pupil with sexy lingerie is a classic sexy prop. Its design is unique and allows people to experience a strong visual impact.Can be used for eye masks or other uses in fun play.Both men and women can use. After putting it on it, the other half will feel that you become very mysterious and sexy, making the game more exciting.


Handcuffs sexy underwear is widely used in SM Play, and has been popular in ordinary sex games in recent years.It is best to choose handcuffs made of soft materials, which can prevent excessive harm during use.At the same time, it is recommended that you confirm that you and the other half have been fully prepared before using handcuffs.

Invisible sexy underwear

Invisible erotic underwear is called "Xiangyou Fo Mo Mo", which can cleverly cover other erotic props on the body.For example, you can wear vibration sticks or jumping eggs in invisible sexy underwear and play in public.Generally, the materials of invisible sexy underwear are relatively soft, comfortable and breathable, suitable for long -term wear.

Fun underwear and socks set combination

The combination of sexy underwear and socks is an indispensable part of the women’s fun game, mainly including various styles of lace sexy underwear and socks.Lace erotic underwear can highlight the beautiful body of women, and socks can also play a role in enhancing aesthetics.Compared with ordinary socks, sexy underwear socks can better create a sweet or sexy atmosphere.

Severed pest with fun jackets

Changeing with fun underwear is a relatively extreme prop, but it can also increase changes in PLAY.Women can wear virginity with sexy underwear to allow men to enjoy the excitement and excitement brought by the game.However, when using chastity with sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to health problems and physical damage caused by excessive use.

Fun underwear chest ring

Interesting underwear chest rings, like its name, is a kind of sexy props fixed on the chest, which can be used to play the role of Dominant or Submissive.This item can enhance the touch of the chest and make it more visually tempting.However, you need to pay attention to chest health problems, comfort, and suitable occasions.

Sexy underwear milk clip

Interesting underwear milk clips are widely used in SM PLAY and BDSM Play.The milk clip can make the masochist feel the painful and pleasant mixed experience, and can play a very important role in increasing stimuli.However, it is recommended to operate carefully to ensure the health of both parties.

Vibration erotic underwear

Vibration erotic underwear is considered to be high -end props in sexy underwear PLAY.This prop has more pleasure and excitement by adding a vibrator to make you feel more pleasure and excitement.It is best to choose a vibrating sexy underwear with adjustable strength and functions to get a richer experience in Play.

Dancing eggs

Jumping erotic underwear is a very popular prop among women, and it is often used with stealth erotic underwear.The shapes and materials of jumping eggs are also diverse, and one that suits you can be selected.In addition to being used in PLAY, you can also use it in daily life, making your life full of joy and change.


Tao’s sexy underwear PLAY is a very interesting and exciting sex activity. It can better deepen the intimate relationship between couples or partners.However, when using sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to safety issues and the comfort of both parties. Everyone should also choose appropriate props based on their physical and mental state and interest.Most importantly, make sure Play brings more attempts and happiness to you and the other half.

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