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What is sexy sheet

Sexy underwear is a special style of female underwear, which is more sexy, bold and attractive compared to traditional underwear.It is usually made of soft material, covering a variety of types, styles and colors.The aim of sexy underwear aims to enhance women’s charm, self -confidence and sexual attractiveness, and make them more confident and beautiful at night or romantic moments.

Common type

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple types:

Lace underwear: It has the characteristics of sexy, soft and breathable, and occupies a considerable share in the sexy underwear market.

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Leather underwear: It is usually made of artificial leather, suitable for people who want leather texture and restraint.

Grid underwear: Mostly used for performance or theme party, usually showing skin in multiple parts.

Palace/pajamas: comfortable, soft and sexy underwear style, suitable for wearing in the evening or leisure.

Style and design

There are many styles and designs in sex underwear:

Bra and underwear: similar to traditional underwear, but bolder design elements and more sexy materials.

Sling bra and skirt: suitable for wearing in summer or warm climate, usually made of light and soft materials.

Lianda in the body: including overall and naked.The overall type is a kind of tight Suit, which is breathable, retractable and sexy.The naked type exposes some parts of the body and has a higher degree of sexy.

Color and pattern


The color and patterns of sexy underwear are also diverse:

Black underwear: It is the most classic and universal color, and it performs well in terms of sexy, mysterious and charm.

Red underwear: It is the most challenging color in sexy underwear, symbolizing love, passion and desire.

Flower/Animal texture: Typical examples of decorative, make sexy underwear more vivid and interesting.


Size is an important factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear.The size of sexy underwear may be different from the size of traditional underwear. Therefore, it is recommended that you tailor or brand measurement before buying, or choose the most suitable size based on your height, weight, and body.

With suggestions

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider how to match it.Here are several ways to match it:

Short Qiu set: Suitable for setting up the curve of the leg and the body proportion.

Stockings: Choosing the right stockings from many styles and colors can make sexy underwear more perfect.

High heels: It can enhance the flexibility and lines of the legs and make you more sexy.


Maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. The following are some maintenance suggestions:

Hand washing: It is recommended to wash sexy underwear in hand to avoid wear and damage.

Low temperature drying: Interest underwear should not be dried at high temperature because high temperature may destroy materials or shrink.

Category storage: Try to avoid mixing different styles and colors of sexy underwear together.


There are many brands of sexy underwear in the market.Here are several brands worthy of attention:

Agent Provocateur: British sex lingerie brand, the brand image is marked with sexy, sloppy, mysterious.

Victoria’s Secret: A American brand with a variety of and high -quality product lines.

La Perla: Italian brand, classic precise design and material manufacturing.


The price range of sex underwear is very wide, and the price depends on the brand, materials, design and production process.From the low -end products of tens of dollars to the high -end design of thousands of yuan, the market is wide.


Interest underwear is not just part of the women’s underwear market, it may represent the expression of women, sexy and confident.Although the reason is the reason why the sexy lingerie is, it is personal choice, but in any case, they can bring self -confidence and happiness. This is an important reason for the continuous development of the sexy underwear market in the past few years.