The difference between sexy underwear and clothing


The biggest difference between sexy underwear and ordinary clothing is its design and use.The design of sexy underwear is to enhance people’s sexual life feelings and fun.In the relationship, the two sides enjoy sexy and interesting. At these moments, sexy underwear can play a good role in assisting.


The fabrics of sexy underwear and ordinary clothing are also very different.Sex underwear usually uses transparent fabrics such as lace, while ordinary clothing usually uses cotton or denim cloth.Transparent fabrics can better become sexy and imaginative space, and they are relatively soft and suitable for contact with the skin.


The design of sexy underwear is usually bold and novel, such as three -point, T -shaped pants.Compared with ordinary clothing and sexy underwear, they pay more attention to practicality and fashion. Most of the designs are in line with the public’s aesthetics.Interesting underwear pays more attention to innovation and interest in design, with diverse patterns and many themes.


The color of sexy underwear, such as red, black, white and pink.These colors create a variety of temptations, while the color of ordinary clothing focuses more on personal taste and fashion style. Different clothes have different requirements for color.


The main function of sexy underwear is to stimulate people’s sexual life, increase desire and enjoyment.Ordinary clothing focuses more on warmth, beauty and fashion.The design principles of sexy underwear are the biggest key creative sexy atmosphere coverage, followed by functional use and comfortable experience.


The comfort of sexy underwear and ordinary clothing is also very different.Interest underwear is soft and comfortable to the skin. Manufacturers usually choose high -quality fabrics and manufacturing processes, which can ensure the sensory experience in the process of dressing.And ordinary clothing focuses on the comfort and warmth of wearing, especially in cold weather.


Sex underwear is usually used for special occasions such as sex activities such as husband and wife, couples, and romantic dating.Ordinary clothing is suitable for daily life and various occasions, such as occupation and leisure.

Price difference

Interest underwear is usually relatively high because they pay more attention to the choice of material and production technology.The price of ordinary clothing varies from factors such as brands, materials, styles, etc., and there are also high -priced brands in ordinary clothing.


The focus of sexy underwear is to enhance sexy and fun, while the combination of ordinary clothing pays more attention to fashion and personality.Sexy underwear can be paired with some sexy accessories and high heels; ordinary clothing can be paired with some accessories, bags and shoes.


In summary, sexy underwear and ordinary clothing are very different in terms of fabrics, design, color, function, function, comfort, applicable occasions, price and matching.No matter what kind of clothing to choose, it is important to choose the style, style and use that suits you.

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