The earliest sexy underwear photo in Taiwan


Interesting underwear, as a sexy professional clothing, began to popularize all over the world as early as decades ago.Among them, Taiwan also has a unique history and culture in this regard.This article will introduce Taiwan’s earliest sexy underwear photo.

In the 1970s: the birth of sexy back clothes

In the 1970s, sexy back clothes began to become popular in the Taiwan underwear market.Usually transparent materials such as tulle and silk, exposing the sexy back and chest of women.This also laid the foundation for Taiwan’s sexy underwear market.

1980s: Interesting underwear brands have been established

By the 1980s, sex underwear brands began to be established in the Taiwan market.For example, the famous "Austin" brand, it launched a lot of sexy underwear and diverse styles, becoming a dark horse in the market at that time.

1990s: The combination of sexy underwear and photo

Taiwan’s sexy underwear is not only presented in physical stores, but a large number of photos also begin to appear.These photo themes are mainly interesting, sexy, and tempting, but the content has blocked the outside world.These photos set off a frenzy among the majority of men.

2000: Online sales and fierce competition

At the beginning of the 21st century, online sales began to rise in various industries in Taiwan, and sexy underwear was no exception.The major sex lingerie brands have begun to turn their business to the Internet, which has also brought fierce competition.The price war between brands, advertising spokespersons, etc. make the sex underwear market more mature.

2010: Multi -tone and personalization

In the 2010s, with the progress of society, sexy underwear began to become diversified, such as AB, SM, training, and sexy equipment, and other types of clothing began to appear.For more personalized customization, tailor -made services, have also broken the traditional model in the past.

Comparison of Taiwan sex lingerie and Japan and South Korea market

Compared with the Japanese and Korean market, the Taiwan sex lingerie market is relatively conservative.Japan and South Korea’s sex lingerie market focuses on higher personalization and sexy, while Taiwan is mainly soft.However, with the changes of the times and the influence of young consumers, this difference is gradually disappearing.

The future of Taiwanese sexy underwear

With the progress and opening up of society, more and more people have begun to pay attention to and accept sexy underwear.In the future, with the development of science and technology and the continuous pursuit of personalization and comfort, the sexy underwear market will be more diverse, rich and developed.


The sexy underwear market is a long -established and continuous market.In Taiwan, the sexy underwear market also has unique history and culture.In the future, the sexy underwear market will be more diversified, high -end and personalized to meet the needs of different consumers.

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