Wang Wenxuan Interesting Underwear Photo

Background introduction

Wang Wenxuan is a model that is known for his sexy photo. He recently released a set of sexy underwear photos.The so -called erotic underwear refers to a sexy and design sense of underwear, which is used to stimulate erotic and enhance sexual fantasy.Next, let’s take a look at which styles and characteristics in this group of photos.

brand introduction

In this group of photos, we see that the brand used is Lise Charmel.Lise Charmel’s sexy underwear design style is unique. It not only focuses on details and tailoring, but also uses the theme of temptation and sexy, making the wearer look more elegant, intellectual and feminine.This style of sexy underwear can be purchased through Lise Charmel’s official website or offline stores.

Style introduction

In this set of photos, we can see a variety of sexy underwear: half cups, tulle lace, split underpants, and tight lace vests.It can be said that these styles reflect the sexy and fashionable style.Among them, the half -cup bra and tulle lace are more interesting styles, which can better show the female curve and make the wearer look more charming.

color match

In this set of photos, we can see that the sexy underwear worn by Wang Wenxuan is very rich in color, including black, pink, purple and other different colors.Black is the most common sexy underwear color, which can maximize female charm and sexy.Pink and purple are more charming, giving a gorgeous visual experience.

Fabric introduction

In this set of photos, we can see that the fabrics used in sexy underwear are mainly soft fabrics such as lace and tulle.These fabrics are more fond of skin when wearing, which can highlight the body curve of women, and also visually increase the sense of consciousness and sexy.


Lise Charmel’s sexy underwear is also very particular about cutting, and the design of each part is unique.For example, the cup type of the bra can increase the height and fullness of the chest, and at the same time hold the chest more natural and perfect.The short hanging straps and split design increase the depth of the body, and at the same time, it can also show the lines of the waist.

dress up

Interest underwear can not only wear it independently, but also use clothes to create different atmosphere and style.For example, black lace sexy underwear can be paired with high -necked lace tops to increase the feeling of elegance and mystery.The pink erotic underwear can be paired with a short knitted cardigan to increase the casual and comfortable atmosphere.

suitable occasion

Interest underwear can not only be worn in the bedroom, but also can be used in special occasions.For example, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, or Wedding can wear sexy underwear to increase the atmosphere, making the atmosphere more romantic and enthusiastic.


You need to pay attention to some matters to wear sexy underwear.First of all, for those who try first, you can choose some simple styles to try to avoid uncomfortable yourself.In addition, you should also pay attention to choosing a size suitable for you to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of wearing.


In short, this group of Lise Charmel’s sexy underwear photo shows the characteristics of sexy and fashionable, and each style allows the wearer to get the ultimate enjoyment in visual and sensory.But wearing erotic underwear requires your own grasp, you must decide whether to wear according to your body and psychological state.Only when you feel comfortable and confident, wearing erotic underwear will be more beautiful and sexy.

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