Wearing sex underwear and other husbands come back

Wearing sex underwear and other husbands come back

When we talk about sexy underwear, many people will feel that this is a shy topic.But in fact, wearing erotic underwear and her husband home is a good way to increase interest and intimate relationships.In this article, I will introduce you to some techniques and methods to wear sexy underwear to help you prepare for this special moment.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

The first step is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.If you have never wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to start with a simple style.

Red or black may be the most popular colors, but in fact, other colors can also be sexy.You can choose colors such as nude, pink, blue or purple.The only principle is to feel comfortable and confident.

1. Light and transparent sexy underwear

If you want to add some mystery to yourself, you can choose a thin and transparent style.These erotic underwear can highlight the female body curve, or see beautiful skin, while still retaining some privacy.

2. Lace erotic underwear

Lace is a sexy and noble design element.Wearing lace sexy underwear can make you feel more feminine and gentle.

3. Leather sex underwear

If you want an unusual feeling, you can choose leather sex underwear.They can make you feel more confident and show your own boldness and personality.

Choose the right sexy underwear size

It is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear size.Some sexy underwear may make you feel uncomfortable, causing you to feel trouble on the way home.Therefore, when buying, be sure to ensure that the size you choose is suitable for your figure.

1. Use a more accurate ruler to measure the size of several key parts of the body, such as chest, waist and hip.

2. Use these sizes to refer to the size of the sexy underwear brand to ensure that the size you bought is suitable for your figure.

3. If your size is between two sizes, it is best to choose a smaller size.This ensures that your sexy lingerie can better fit your body.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear style

Everyone has different styles and preferences.Choosing a sexy underwear style that suits you can make you feel comfortable and confident.

1. Lace beam chest camisole wrapped chest

If you like a three -dimensional design, you can buy sexy underwear with a beam of chest suspenders wrapped the chest.

2. Net yarn cute

This sexy underwear is suitable for those who want to try but are afraid of being too hacked, because it is naked and not so straightforward, which makes people feel a little surprise.

3. Boyfriend -style sexy underwear

Want to make colorful underwear, but don’t want to make yourself uncomfortable?Try your boyfriend -style sexy underwear, which not only maintains sexy temperament, and will not make you feel embarrassed.

Cooperate with various outfits

Interesting underwear is not only available on special occasions. It can cooperate with various outfits, such as hazy and warm home costumes, or neon flickering nightclub clothes, etc. Each can bring you a different sexy experienceEssence

1. Match with stockings

If you want to increase sexy temperament without exposing too much, you can choose stockings.Socks can interpret the highlights of details, making you more charming.

2. With high heels

High -heeled shoes can greatly improve the overall shape and make women’s legs more beautiful.

3. With a fur jacket

If you don’t want to be too sexy in public, you can try to match fur jackets, or other elegant jackets to highlight your noble temperament.

Sexy underwear choice, play the most sexy together!

When we have sexy, we must have happiness.If we don’t know how to play with love underwear, then we will definitely miss these beautiful moments.Therefore, trying a variety of different sexy underwear with our partners add color and interest to our love.

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